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The First Line of Defense in the Modern Era

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Why Antimicrobial?

Thousands of microbes attach to the surface of electronic devices with every tap, touch, and swipe. Since we spend so much time with our PCs at home and at work, knowing how to keep the surfaces as clean and protected as possible is a growing concern in today’s environment. It demands a solution. Acer believes that it’s more important than ever to reduce the buildup of microbes on our products. We are now equipping our laptops, tablets, monitors, accessories, and more with Acer’s Antimicrobial Design to provide our users peace of mind that the surface of their product is protected.

These antimicrobial solutions aim to reduce the growth of microbes from select high-touch surfaces, with our Acer Antimicrobial 360 Design covering most of the device exterior. These designs will let your devices and accessories stay cleaner longer without worrying about how to clean your laptop or computer screen.

Silver Ion Antimicrobial Technology

Silver Ion Antimicrobial Technology2

A silver ion antimicrobial agent can be embedded in or applied onto the surface of the chassis, keyboard, display, touchpad, hinge, fingerprint reader, and more. Silver ions are highly reactive particles that are able to dramatically reduce the growth rate of microbes upon contact.

Antimicrobial Corning® Gorilla® Glass

Antimicrobial Corning® Gorilla® Glass

For displays as well as touchpads, by incorporating silver ions (Ag+) as the antimicrobial agent into Corning® Gorilla® Glass, the glass surface can stay cleaner longer and is less susceptible to stain or odor-causing bacteria. This is done via trace amounts of silver ions leaching to the glass surface to eliminate the surface bacteria while still offering other benefits such as improved durability and scratch resistance.

How Antimicrobial Solutions are Applied to Acer Products3

Laptop with Acer Antimicrobial 360 Design


Tablet with Acer Antimicrobial 360 Design


Monitor with Acer Antimicrobial 360 Design


Accessories with Acer Antimicrobial 360 Design


Laptop with Acer Antimicrobial Design


Tablet with Acer Antimicrobial Design


Antimicrobial Laptops, Tablets, Monitors, and Accessories

Acer Antimicrobial solutions may vary by device. Please check the related details per corresponding product’s info and specifications.

1 The antimicrobial protection is limited to the touch surface. Products featuring Acer Antimicrobial 360 Design have implemented the antimicrobial solutions on high-touch surfaces and most of the exterior area. Likewise, products featuring Acer Antimicrobial Design have implemented the antimicrobial solutions on select high-touch surfaces.

2 The amounts of silver ions may be affected by humidity and temperature.

3 All antimicrobial solutions including Antimicrobial Corning® Gorilla® Glass and silver ion antimicrobial technology do not claim to protect users or provide any direct or implied health-benefit.