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Free Trial Offer!

Trial Offer

Acer has partnered with Transatel to provide this global cellular data service for Swift 3 and Swift 7 laptops. Additional information regarding cellular data, service benefits, and coverage area unrelated to this free trial offer can be found at:

Connect in a Few Simple Steps1

Note: for Swift 32 users, please make sure SIM card is inserted.
1. Click on the network icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.
2. Make sure that Cellular is turned ON.
3. If the box is ticked, Windows will connect you automatically.
4. Manage your data balance directly from the network icon.

Connect in a Few Simple Steps - Large

Need more data?

Want to continue once your free trial has completed? No problem. Simply open the flyout and click “Connect with a data plan” to get the worldwide plan that’s right for you. Or, purchase directly from your Windows Mobile Plans app.

Need more data? - Large
1. Service and free trial offer not available in every country. Free trial offer for devices purchased in participating countries except Canada includes:
- 1GB of free data valid for 1 month in all 50 countries on the Participating Countries list.
For devices purchased in Canada:
- Receive 1GB of free data valid for 6 months in all countries on the Participating Countries list.
Swift 3 and Swift 7 product line may not be available for purchase in all countries participating in the 4G LTE free trial offer.
2. Applies to model SF313-51