Master your games and play like a Pro

Predator monitors are precision instruments that let players become masters. And just like every Pro-level player, behind every Predator product is a team of professionals who work tirelessly to perfect their craft, picking up tips directly from the front lines. Here’s a list of ten things we’ve learned along the way to get the most out of every gaming set up.
  • Fastest displays for eSports

    Experience the lowest system latency for faster reaction times, practically no ghosting, and the smoothest motion to help stay on target. Add in zero tearing with G-SYNC, and it’s clear why these displays are designed to win.

  • Made to Game

    One of the greatest innovations for gamers in recent years, curved screens take immersive experiences to a whole new level. How? Because no matter where the action is happening on your screen, it’s always at the same distance from you. This widens your field of view and immerses you deeper into your gaming experience. As an added bonus, they also reduce eye strain so you can play more comfortably for longer.

Are you fast enough?

Want to be at the top of your game? Switch on eSports mode that turns off variable backlight and put your eSports skills to the test with the Predator X28’s NVIDIA® Reflex Latency Analyzer to optimze the input latency by accurately measure exactly how long it takes for a visual change to appear on the screen after your mouse click.

  • Extreme fluidity with Agile-Splendor

    OK. The faster the better right? Sure, but the perfect gaming monitor gives you smooth, tear-free visuals no matter what’s happening on the screen. The Acer X34 with its Agile-Splendor IPS display delivers up to a 180Hz overclockable refresh rate and can achieve a 0.5ms response time while maintaining a high colour gamut for almost no ghosting or colour banding.

  • 98% DCI-P3

    The larger or wider the gamut the richer and more saturated the colours on your screen will appear and If you want to enjoy HDR to its fullest, DCI-P3 standard is definitely the way to go. The wide colour gamut of the Predator X34 ensures that you’ll experience every single nuance – whether venturing through the colourful, chaotic depths of space or exploring the deep blue sea.

Double up with ZeroFrame

Being the best in the business takes a lot of practice and a lot of screen size to get right. In fact, often it’s better to have two monitors than a single big one because two gives you a bigger perspective of the challenges you have to face. Predator monitors with ZeroFrame bezels lets you place two side by side seamlessly and enjoy a truly immersive experience.

100% shot accuracy

Minimise misfires with aim points, which puts a crosshair on your Predator screen, meaning 100% hip-fire accuracy, all of the time. You have three options to choose from through your OSD or GameView settings.

Light Up Your Display

When you’re in the middle of the action, the last thing you need is for your monitor to grab the attention by displaying too much or too little light for you to be competitive. The RGB Light Sense app on the Predator X28 makes real-time adjustments to brightness and colour temperature in sync with music, screen content, and even esports tournaments, giving you the perfect setting every time.

Ultra-flexible connectivity

No two gaming rigs are the same, or stay the same over time, so make sure you find a monitor with the most flexible connectivity options. The Predator X28 has a port for every occasion, whether you’re hooking up to PC or a console Make use of two HDMI 2.0B, DisplayPort™, or the plentiful USB connections at your disposal.

Comfort is everything

No screen technology will help you dominate the game if you can’t get comfortable in front of it. The Predator X28 is offers supreme ergonomics and is designed for easy tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment, allowing you to get comfortable quickly and stay comfortable for longer.