10 tips to find your perfect projector

If you want to recreate the awe-inspiring experience of sports entertainment or movie theatres at home, there is no other way than to go for a projector. Even the best, newest TV screens are just too small to get that sense of immersion that today’s projectors help achieve. So, get the popcorn ready for that amazing cinematic experience in your living room, or garden – or anywhere you like!
  • A clear benefit

    Whether you pop into the thrilling action of a major sports event or stream the latest movie series from the web, Full HD gets you really in the picture. Only if your projector supports this video mode, you will get 1920 x 1080 pixels of amazing scenes with all the details. Enjoy exceptional brilliance in astonishing clarity on a mammoth scale.

  • Immune to aging

    In the past, many normal DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors suffered from prolonged use. Almost as old-school photography, colors used to turn greenish, giving them an aged and washed out look. Now, Acer ColorSafe II puts an end to this decay. Combined with high-grade lamps to expand the lifespan of the projector, this technology keeps all colors natural and vivid even after thousands of hours.

Brighter than the sun

Do you remember old projectors used at schools? Those days when rooms had to be darkened, shaded from all sunlight? Thankfully, those dark ages are now gone! State-of-the-art technologies from Acer manage up to 4,000 ANSI lumens brightness. That simply means you will get crystal clear, vibrant images from long distances – even in broad daylight. So it is time to say goodbye to your old shades.

  • Contrast makes the difference

    Contrast is all about details. Simply put, the higher the contrast ratio, the more nuance you can see on the projected image. By analyzing every scene frame-by-frame, Acer DynamicBlackTM dramatically improves the quality with a whopping contrast ratio of 10,000:1. You will get all the amazing details in dark areas without sacrificing bright spots: black will be black, and white will truly be white.

  • More real than life itself

    Your home cinema will never be the same with your new 3D projector. Movies will gain stunning depth and a true-to-life feeling that will turn every scene into a gripping adventure. With true 24p film support and 144 Hz even in 3D mode, just plug your HDMI device into your Acer projector, put on your 3d glasses, and your favorite movie heroes will come to life at your home!

Score with ease

Be ready for the big game: Gather your friends and share the passion for your favourite sport on a gigantic level. Football mode enhances the levels of brightness, saturation, sharpness and gamma to clearly show every move on the pitch. Turn on Football Mode, and all the action will look more natural and lifelike.

Let emotions be heard

Football without chants? A movie without words? Life without music? And no more need to carry an extra speaker? Choose the better way and set the tone with full, vibrant audio from the on-board speaker. With Acer TrueHarmony, you ensure your movies come to life, sports get more engaging and songs gain more depth. Turn up the volume to 11 and enjoy great clarity!

Life from the best angle

Life’s best moments are even better when experienced with others. Acer’s Anytime Any Angle projectors provide you with all the tools you need to share fun. It connects wireless to your smartphone and allows for a fully flexible 360 degree any-angle, rotatable projection without needing a stand. It even auto-rotates from landscape to portrait mode on the fly – without those ugly black bars.

Anywhere you want it

Just a few years ago, the idea of having a home theatre during camping holidays sounded like fantasy. But today, your whole private tribune actually fits into your backpack! Acer’s portable projectors are not bigger than a napkin and run more than 5 hours with their rechargeable battery, you can set up your private theatre wherever you are.

Taking care of tomorrow

With your new projector, you will enjoy big moments. But what about tomorrow? Acer EcoProjection makes sure that it will also be a sustainable decision in the long run. Power consumption is reduced by up to 70%, lamp life extended to up to 12,000 hours, while noise level will stay at an absolute minimum. Great for you, good for everybody here on earth!