Acer Chromebook
Vero 712


Acer Chromebook Vero 712 讓您看到更多、做到更多。這款採用 3:2 螢幕比例的學校專用 Chromebook 配備第 12 代 Intel® Core™ 處理器,讓學生以前所未見的速度在 Chromebook 上進行編碼。
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第 10 代 Intel® Core™ i3 處理器1 確保應用程式和畫面流暢運作,同時運行多個程式依然毫無半點延遲。 Quickly handle CPU-intensive tasks such as programming on this Chromebook faster than ever before.

KSP01-Top of the Class Processor_5000x2800


螢幕更廣闊,減少滾動頻率。12 吋高清 IPS 3:2 螢幕比例顯示器與一般的 16:9 螢幕相比,垂直高度多出 18%;讓您以更廣闊視野輕鬆瀏覽喜愛的網站和重要文件,省卻不斷滾動的麻煩。

KSP02-See More


TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light (Hardware Solution) certification simplifies things for IT procurement professionals and parents looking for a display that prioritizes the health of their eyes.

KSP03-Caring for Your Eyes_5000x2800


這款專為混合學習而設的筆記型電腦採用回收物料、可持續包裝及節能設計,更通過 EPEAT 註冊3,符合 Earthion 倡議的精神,即在裝置的整個生命週期內減少產生廢物。

KSP04_Designed for Sustainability_5000x2800
KSP04-1_Reduce –For Planet Earth_720x400
減量 – 保護地球環境

By utilizing recycled materials, our Vero series devices pioneer full PCR2 material integration into their designs. This Vero Chromebook features 30% PCR plastic in its chassis and screen bezel and a further 50% PCR plastic in its keycaps.

KSP04-2_Reuse – Less Plastic Waste in the Ocean_720x400​

這款 Chromebook 的 OceanGlass™ 觸控板使用海洋回收塑膠製成,在您的指尖滑過觸控板時,可提供有如玻璃的絕佳觸感。

KSP04-3_Recycle – Conserve Natural Resources_720x400
回收 – 節省天然資源



The Military Standard3 tested, impact-resistant body with widened brackets and reinforced IO ports stand up all sorts of daily wear and tear. 減震防撞條及加固設計可保護裝置從 122 厘米的高度和重達 60 公斤下向力掉落時避免受損。

KSP05-Certified Safe and Durable

Anchored Key Design and Serviceable Keyboard

鎖定按鍵於應有位置。 Mechanically anchored keys make sure keycaps stay in place and are tamper-proof. The keyboard’s unique drainage design protects internal components from up to 330ml of liquid.

KSP06-Anchored Key Design and Serviceable Keyboard

Enhanced Online Collaboration

The combination of an HD webcam with temporal noise reduction and flare-reducing technologies and a dual microphone improves audio and video quality – even in dim lighting, which is critical for online collaboration.

KSP07-Enhanced online collaboration

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1 EPEAT® 註冊視乎國家/地區可能有所不同。請參閱 以了解各國/地區的註冊狀態。
2 PCR 即「消費後回收」。
3 沙塵測試乃基於 MIL-STD 810F。
4 視乎型號及配置,電池使用時間可能會有所不同。根據 Google power_LoadTest 進行測試。(。實際電池使用時間視乎型號、配置(包括儲存容量、RAM 容量、所用處理器、顯示器類型和解像度等)、應用程式、電源管理設定、操作環境及所用功能而有所不同。