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10 Features to change how you

look at gaming tomorrow!

Many people who are into gaming talk about their fast and sleek gaming machine. While that’s nice and dandy, in the end everything comes down to the monitor. Because that’s where you finally see your enemy, your battlefield, your racing track or your opponent’s team. On your screen every split-second counts, either you react quickly – or slowly lose. Here we show you ten features that will change how you experience gaming in the future.

Bigger is simply better

When it comes to screen resolution, there is only one thing that truly matters: More! With DFHD, you get twice the real estate as regular FullHD! That means 3840 x 1080 of pure viewing pleasure. This Ultra-wide screen aspect ratio of 32:9 is even wider than typical cinemas, so your games, work and movies look as epic as possible.

Life is a curve

With a curved screen, your eyes are nearly the same distance to every pixel on your monitor, from corner to corner. This widens your field of view, especially on a more-than-cinematic 32:9 ratio that literally wraps around you, to immerse you deeper into your gaming experience. BTW: Curved screens also reduce strain on your eyes so can enjoy gaming even longer!

Smooth operations

A powerful graphics card is crucial for high level gaming. And this works best when graphics card and monitor are fully synchronised. That’s where AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 HDR plays out its full strength. It reduces tearing, minimizes lag and allows twice the perceivable brightness and colour volume over sRGB – a huge step towards pixel perfect smooth HDR viewing.

On the bright side of the world

Whether you are playing, creating or watching videos: make sure that you are getting the most bright, vivid experience possible – certified by an international industry standard. With a VESA certified DisplayHDR 600 monitor, you can count on 600 nits peak brightness for the richest details, deep blacks and amazing overall luminance.

Ready for fast-paced battles

When gaming gets really fast, a sudden lag or blurring can result in an unexpected death onscreen. Fight the lag with higher refresh rates: overclocking to 144 Hz frame rate results in ultra-smooth 2D motion scenes with an outstanding fluidity of images for seamless, lag-free gaming.

Fight off the ghosts

Many gamers have seen ghosts – with the annoying effect called ghosting. It’s when in really fast-moving action scenes, a noticeable smearing or blurring occurs. The innovative technology called VRB (Visual Response Boost) puts an end to this by quickly turning off the backlight or rapidly inserting a blank, black image between frames. So you can enjoy crystal-clear visuals in a blink of an eye.

A quantum more colours

In conventional monitors the colour gamut is currently limited by the backlight. Quantum Dots (QDs) represent a new phosphor material with higher efficiency by eliminating light waste at the colour filters. This innovative technology increases colour purity and delivers the widest colour gamut possible, allowing your monitor to cover 90% DCI-P3 colour standard for a true life-like realism.

Be good to your eyes

Even if it’s barely recognisable, most conventional monitors flicker 60 times a second. But trust medical experts: your eyes take notice – especially after long hours playing, programming, watching or creating. Flicker-less Technology eliminate this strain on your eyes, and in combination with BlueLightShield™ Technology, provide a more comfortable and healthy viewing experience in the long run.

Colour up your desk

How would you like it if the world of your games or your content could be extended outside the frame of your screen? Give it a try – with Ambient Back Lighting Design. This new technology allows you to add real-time ambient backlighting with seven colours and flashing light effects, so the image on your display breaks out of the barriers of your monitor into the real world!

Forget about hidden buttons

Tired of fiddling with tiny buttons behind the screen? With the Acer Display Widget, you take full control of all settings with your mouse – casually convenient. Quickly modify your settings, organize your huge screen space with dedicated Split Screen Regions and choose your perfect mode for games, work or entertainment. It’s as easy as that.