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10 suggestions to improve your gaming skills with Predator monitors

Tired of losing battles? If you want to improve your gaming skills, we can help you out. We all know that the best Pros at the Intel Extreme Masters Series were not born pro, they got there by honing their skills and working on their game. To sharpen yours we asked the international Pros for some hints and tips. Take a look, give them a try and who knows, maybe you’ll master the competition sooner than you think.

Practice is key

Realise that just because it is a video game does not mean that it does not take practice to master. Although it’s not physical training, working on your skills will take just as much practice time as with any sport. And if you pick a monitor with VisionCare Technologies, your eyes will be protected from the strains of long practice sessions, so you´ll be fit for the ultimate fight.

Choose your game

Your game needs to maintain your focus and attention so that you are prepared to put in the hours required to advance. And if you strive for greatness, don´t stop at our monitor. Go beyond standard with Eye-tracking. Look. Shoot. Kill. Your eyes and your intuition are your greatest weapons. Immerse yourself in the future of gaming.

Know your controls

For computer games where you are using a keyboard and mouse, learn which keys perform which functions. Usually the game manual will give you this information. Know all the buttons and what action they accomplish, so you never lose a split second for the right move. With a low latency like hyperfast 0.4 ms, your input by mouse, joystick or racing wheel will be perfectly synced to the gameplay on the monitor and reduced input lag means greater gaming accuracy.

Adapt your skills

Don‘t get frustrated if you do poorly at first, be patient and take the time to figure out what you are doing wrong so that you can improve. When you reach the highest level, don’t be afraid to return to the lowest level and repeat them again. Take advantage of features such as Predator GameView to quickly adapt your monitor settings to the game you play, with saved profiles for racing, action and sports environments.

Take it from the Pros

Watching competitive tournaments or a professional player’s stream does wonders for your personal development. Not only are they fantastic players, but it is also a good way to learn about the newest builds/meta/tricks etc. And this is also something that will really give you a big advantage when playing competitively. Often the Pros move so fast that it’s easy to miss a crucial detail. NVIDIA G-SYNC ULTIMATE exactly syncs the frame rate of your graphics card and your monitor to eliminate Ghosting and Tearing. By minimizing stuttering you won’t miss anything - even the slightest movement or attacking enemy.

Repetition is success

Play through an area or level 20 to 30 times (in a row, if possible). This repetition is where the real skill is made. Each time you repeat a level you improve your gaming skills- even 3 times in a row is better than one – and the same goes for your monitors: Multiple-monitor setups with ZeroFrame bezels allow you to see more and enjoy a truly immersive experience.

Show off your skills

Impress your friends by showing them up in head-to-head or just round play. With three huge 35” screens at 12K resolution, your buddies get to enjoy cinematic experience whilst watching you make your best move. Or experience the full immersion to be your best critic.

Take a break

The last thing you want is to be totally obsessed with a game. Also, playing a game too much can lower your efficiency and how well you play. Take a break every 1 or 2 hours to relax your eyes and brain. Equip your stateof-the-art monitor with Acer Flickerless and BluelightShield technologies for some extra health points to keep you fresher than your tired opponent.

Keep your eyes open

Figure out exactly what is happening in the game and what you have to do. There are always going to be hidden details that will help you to solve the mystery faster, find better routes, sneak by an army of enemies or get a deeper understanding of the story. So, if you’re not in a deathmatch, be careful to look out for those elements. To help you, choose a monitor with VESA certified HDR 1000 and DarkBoost for higher picture contrast and greater details in dimly lit environments, to allow you to see what’s in the shadows.

Gear up

Some people claim that the quality of your gear is absolutely crucial, whilst others will say it is 100% about the skills. Personally, I believe it is somewhere in between. You can indeed go pro without the best gaming gear – there are rare examples of professional players who game on old school equipment and still perform at the top. This however is the exception, not the rule, and people certainly benefit from using the best equipment. An ultra-sensitive mouse with extra key bindings and a monitor with a high 240hz refresh rate will help you to sharpen your skills and advance quicker so that you can get to the top and be a pro one day too.