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Acer Classroom Manager

Managing the digital classroom with ease

Acer Classroom Manager (ACM) is a feature-rich software solution developed with the different needs of teachers, students and technical staff in mind. ACM simplifies multimedia teaching and learning by integrating classroom PC management and monitoring via an easy-to-use interface. This allows teachers to focus on teaching and not on managing various devices.

With ACM, teachers can easily supervise and interact with their students individually, in groups, or with the entire class. They can save time by launching applications or websites simultaneously on all classroom PCs beforehand, keep a record of attendance, monitor student activities and progress, and test students for comprehension and understanding.

ACM is free of charge and can be preinstalled on all Acer products or downloaded from the Acer global website.

How Acer Classroom Manager can help teachers:

  • Centrally instruct students on their computers or share and demonstrate content
  • Monitor students and help them to focus on topics and discussions
  • Maximise time management by making it easier to access content
  • Keep track of and effortlessly capture and save lesson details

ACM for digital classroom

Acer Classroom Manager allows teachers to focus on teaching, rather than managing the various technological devices in the classroom. Teachers can switch on and log on to all the computers in the classroom, efficiently launch applications or websites simultaneously on all student desktops, keep a record of attendance and a history of student activities, and see what students are doing; checking their progress, and testing their comprehension and understanding.

Acer Classroom Manager

With Acer Classroom Manager, teachers can easily control and interact with their students either individually, in groups, or with the entire class.