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Fluid Action

With up to a 144Hz1 refresh rate and a 4ms response time, all movement on the screen is rendered fluidly.

Acer XZ1 Series - Fluid Action ksp - Large

No Screen Tearing

With AMD® FreeSync™, the monitor’s frame rate syncs to the video card, delivering visually smooth gaming experiences.

Acer XZ1 Series - No Screen Tearing ksp - Large

View in Comfort

Acer VisionCare™ helps to reduce eyestrain by eliminating screen flicker and blue light emissions.

Acer XZ1 Series -  View in Comfort ksp - Large
Click for Greater Details Acer Low Dimming™

Picture Perfect

VA panel technology gives you brilliant visuals while Black Boost settings help you see details in dimly lit scenes.

Acer XZ1 Series -  Picture Perfect ksp - Large
Click for Greater Details 6-Axis Color Adjustment

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2. Subject to availability.



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