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To bring your creative thought to full fruition is hard work – that sometimes becomes even tougher with the imposed limits of outdated technology. To ease your workflow, innovative concepts can break the barrier between ideas and their realization. Here are ten solutions that cater to every detail of the creative mind.

The Power to create

Developing ideas into new worlds is a demanding task – both for you and your computer. To get the best results, use the best tools available: like 9th Generation Intel i9 Processors with 8 cores take full advantage of state-of-the-art application. They allow for seamless multitasking and can easily handle your highest workload – so you can get more done with less waiting time.

Validated accuracy

When you are building entire new worlds, you need your work to be as true-to-life as possible. And when it comes to precise depiction of colours, nothing matches the industry-leading Pantone system. A Pantone Validated Display enables you to make colourcritical decisions through every stage of the workflow for everything from graphic design to 4K video production. Combined with 100% Adobe RGB gamut, you are guaranteed to get the most vivid, accurate colour schemes available like in the ConceptD CP7 Monitor.

Freedom for all your ideas

Regarding hard disk drives, in the past you usually had to choose between high speed or high capacity. With ultra-fast SSDs, now you can – and should – take both! With up to 1TB SSD, you get faster real-time previews while video editing – and with a RAID 0 configuration, read and write performance are at an absolute maximum speed.

Faster from concept to completion

To get the most performance out of your computer, the graphics card is equally important to the processor. With NVIDIA’s RTX 2080 technology, the GPU accelerates your work with incredible boosts in speed. Less time staring at pinwheels of death means bigger workloads, more features, and creating your work faster than ever. GPU-accelerated Ray Tracing in renderers like 3ds Max or Blender let you review your photorealistic graphics in real-time as you create.

Space to live out your creativity

The ultimate performance level of a professional workstation partnered with the freedom to work everywhere? ConceptD 9 combines the best of both worlds for demanding 3D creators. The ground-breaking Ezel™ Hinge gives this device unique flexibility to create and collaborate on the go with 17” of 4K screen real estate – to share your work with ease or design in the way that suits your process best.

Keep your most valuable assets safe

For creators, ideas are the most valuable asset. So it’s of vital importance to keep them safe from unauthorized access. ConceptD laptops are equipped with embedded fingerprint reader to keep your data in a secure place. You can log in quickly with a swipe of your finger to use Windows Hello to verify your identity without a password.

Silence is golden

Processor intensive applications such as rendering and video production will cause the processor and GPU to run hot, therefore it’s essential that the cooling is the best it can be. All ConceptD workstations – Laptops as well as Desktops – have innovative thermal solutions to keep up maximum speed while working. And even at full speed, they run at under 40db – the equivalent of a library room. So you won’t disturb others – or yourself – even in the quietest of spaces.

Create without boundaries

As designs become more complex, visual effects grow in size, complexity, and scope. NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ 4000 graphics cards provide unmatched power for unmatched creative freedom in areas like photorealistic 3D animation workflows and ultra-quality video. Enjoy greater fluidity with photorealistic rendering, experience faster performance with professional applications and create detailed, lifelike motion graphics, animations.

Stay connected to the digital world

Connectivity is essential for modern work environments: the possibility to share, stream or charge content and different devices. Connect to your peripherals and get blazingly fast data transfer with the ThunderBolt™ 3 port. This USB-C™ port delivers transfer speeds of up to 40Gbps, USB charging and DisplayPort over USB-C, while also allowing you to connect to multiple 4K displays. With the Killer™ Killer Control Center 2.0, you can combine your ethernet and wireless bandwidth ensure your network is 100% optimised.

Outstanding visual experience

HDR displays offer a range of luminance similar to what a human eye can experience, and a much wider range of colours than traditional monitors. NVIDIA® G-SYNC® ULTIMATE displays take this brilliant performance to a new level with 1000 nits peak luminance, full direct-array backlight, and more. VESA DisplayHDR™ 1000 certification specifies guaranteed HDR quality, including brilliant luminance, accurate colour gamut and fast rise time.

Technologies to unleash your full creative potential

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Turn do into done

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