Photographers & Graphic Designers

A New World of Color

When you create, your work needs to be as accurate as possible. ConceptD Pantone Validated displays with up to 100% Adobe RGB color gamut and Delta E< 2 color accuracy enable you to make critical decisions at every stage of your workflows.

Do Your Thing, Anywhere

ConceptD devices are a pristine white with stain and abrasion-resistant MAO (Micro-Arc Oxidation) coating that gives them a unique and stylish design. The Mg-Al alloy chassis also keeps them lightweight, so you can work anywhere on the fly.

Creation in All Degrees

The combination of our Acer Active Stylus with palm rejection and innovative Ezel™ Hinge expands the number of ways you can use your ConceptD device, giving you a firm base at nearly any angle to create, collaborate, or share.

Powerful Processing

When working on new ideas, you can never have enough of one thing: power. Power through your designs and edits with the latest NVIDIA® graphics and Intel® processors that ensure your ConceptD device never lags behind.

Meet the ConceptD