Acer for Business – Government

Tailormade Solutions for the Public Sector

Acer for Business provides the necessary expertise to meet government agencies unique requirements at all levels to enhance productivity, promote collaboration, and improve data security.

Trusted by Local Governments

Our comprehensive portfolio of industry-leading technologies and solutions cater to cities, counties, and local governments of all sizes. Our range of devices can be customized to suit different roles within the organization to ensure the best fit for each employee.

Cyber Resilience You Can Depend On

Protect data and devices from cyber threats with our advanced cyber security solutions, capable of safeguarding hardware and data against cyber-attacks and minimizing the risk of system downtime and data breaches.

Uncompromising Quality

Our products undergo industry-leading testing to ensure durability and reliability. We use the US Department of Defense's MIL-STD 810H standards to strike the perfect balance between value and durability, providing you with products that are built to last.

Comprehensive Support

Acer for Business offers a large range of services including device protection, support, and customization options to guarantee a successful deployment post-purchase, including accidental damage protection, warranty extensions, and custom image and BIOS settings.

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