Acer for Education Forest
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Let’s grow greener future together

Dedicated to schools and teachers who believe in a more sustainable future for our planet,
the Acer for Education Forest is another example of our full commitment to a greener tomorrow.
Let’s grow a Forest together!

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Your tree is part of an unfolding story. Follow it!

Planting a tree is a sustainable choice for everyone and a gift to our planet! Our forest will grow, absorb CO2, contribute to biodiversity and support local farmers! Connect with your tree's Diary and get periodical updates from Treedom!

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Saving the planet isn’t easy – but together – it’s possible.

  • less energy use1 by 2025

  • renewable electricity by 2035

  • carbon reduction2 by 2030

Green by design

Our commitment begins with our products.

  • Sustainable Materials

    Up to 30% of Post-Consumer Recycled plastics in the chassis - Recycled OceanGlass™ touchpads on selected devices - Printing realised with green chemistry

  • Eco Certifications

    Our products come with the most prestigious energy-efficient certifications.

  • Green Packaging

    100% sustainable packaging – including recycled EPE and moulded-pulp.

  • Recyclability

    Our products last longer and are more easily recycled, while our recycling programs give end-of-life devices a new purpose.

  • Repairability

    Standard screws and Easy Fix keyboards facilitate reparation and reduce unnecessary waste.

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1. Compared with the baseline year of 2016
2. Compared with the baseline year of 2019