Elevate Protection with Secured-core PCs

Learn how you can help safeguard your company and its data against security threats with secured-core PCs from Acer.

Protect Your Company With a Windows Secured-Core PC From Acer

Windows secured-core PCs from Acer offer the highest level of protection with their “on-by-default” security that prevents unauthorized access to the device, enables secure booting, protects from firmware vulnerabilities, and more.

Safeguard Your Identity From External Threats

Windows Hello lets you use your face or fingerprint to quickly and securely log in, preventing phishing and credential-based attacks through a combination of biometric sensors and hardware-based credential storage.

Your Best Defense Against Malware

Secured-core PCs use policies enabled with Hypervisor Enforced Code Integrity (HVCI) running in the Virtualization Based Security (VBS) to check system software before it is loaded so that only signed and approved executables can run.

Guards Against Hardware and Firmware Attacks

By leveraging the TPM 2.0 and a modern CPU built with dynamic root of trust measurement (DRTM) like Intel vPro® or AMD Ryzen Pro, secured-core PCs can boot securely and minimize the impact of firmware vulnerabilities.

Acer All-in-One Security Solution

Acer’s secured-core PCs deliver an all-in-one security solution by combining the security features of Acer ProShield Plus, helping secure the device against unauthorized access and intrusion.

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