Responsibly Designed, Eco-friendly Technology

Acer for Business is focused on innovating new, sustainably designed products. Join us in our commitment to a more sustainable future.

Vero PCs

Acer's Vero line of products offers eco-friendly technology without compromising on performance. Join us in creating a more sustainable future with Vero.

Environmental Certifications

We offer products that are designed to meet the high standards of a variety of environmental certifications. Discover more about these certifications and what it takes to attain them.

Product Carbon Footprint Report

Our Carbon Footprint Report shows how we’re committed to reducing our impact and creating a greener planet. See how we're making a difference.

Earthion Initiative

Acer’s Earthion initiative works together with partners to address modern environmental challenges through innovative solutions and collective action.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Acer’s ESG initiative aims for 100% renewable energy by 2035, reducing computer energy consumption, and promoting a circular economy.

Project Humanity

Acer’s Project Humanity encourages employees to make environmentally friendly changes to their lifestyles and fosters education.

Acer Sustainability Report

Acer’s Sustainability Report details its ESG efforts, including human rights protection, digital inclusion, and reducing plastic waste.