Acer Climate Lab

Acer Climate Lab is a collaborative effort to conceptualize an innovative ecosystem of sustainable products and services to help overcome the climate challenges we face today.


Our Purpose

Greener Choices for a Brighter Future

As a human-centric company, our mission is clear – driving the development and innovation of "Conscious Technology" with humans at heart and the planet in mind.

Our Methodology

A Shared Vision and Ecosystem

In partnership with IDEO, Acer has envisioned sustainable solutions and is actively working to bring the technology to life while encouraging more consumers to join the mission of doing their part for the environment.

Our Values

An Acer ecosystem inspired by its shared beliefs


No matter who you are, when andor wherever you are, you can always count on Acer’s technology to meet your ever-changing needs.



We prioritize eco-consciousness, and the consideration of the essential needs of humanity and our planet.



Our passion drives us to create eco-friendly solutions and push the boundaries of innovation towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

Conscious Future:

The Four Modes of Life

Conscious Future:

The Four Modes of Life

Building on Acer's long-term strategy to make its products and operations more sustainable, Acer Climate Lab showcases concepts of products, services, and initiatives that build towards the goal of protecting our planet while delivering value in key aspects of our customers' lives.



Net-Zero Education

We aim to spread awareness about sustainability-focused technology, while encouraging more students to adopt eco-conscious thoughts and actions.



Renewable Mobility

We assist people in navigating through their journey, facilitating sustainable mobility and efficiency when traveling from one location to another.




We maximize the product lifecycle of your organization’s work devices through seamless device management integration, ensuring access to devices and simplifying the recycling process of old electronics.



Energy-efficient Homes

We help make home environments greener, more energy efficient, and more convenient for all walks of life.

Accelerating Net-Zero Education


Less Waste

Designed with sustainability in mind, our Acer for Education products strive to minimize their environmental impact and produce less waste.

Eco-Conscious Devices

The Acer Chromebook Vero 712 boasts green packaging, OceanGlass™ touchpads, and more PCR plastic without sacrificing on performance or features.

Digital School

AOPEN devices incorporate smart classroom solutions and empower schools to digitally transform to a more sustainable and improved digital learning set up.

Facilitating Tech-as-a-Service


Eco-friendly PCs

Acer for Business focuses on innovating responsibly and sustainably, designing products like our line of Vero PCs and devices.


Acer eKinekt uses kinetic energy to power the all-in-one bike-desk, enabling a more active and sustainable lifestyle.

Sharing Efforts

Our Acer Device-as-a-Service encourages recycling and reusing of used devices, for a more sustainable future.

Lifecycle Management

Acer offers global support, including authorized repairs and eco-friendly product lifecycle management.

Propelling Renewable Mobility


Smart eBike

ebii is our AI-driven smart bicycle that facilitates more sustainable commutes for urban dwellers.

Eco-Conscious eScooter

Acer eScooter supports a mobile urban lifestyle that is both comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Smart Parking

Our smart parking meter integrates EV charging to allow effortless navigation around the city in more climate-friendly vehicles.

Empowering Energy-Efficient Homes


‘Pure’ Lifestyle

Our smart purifying technology not only helps to enhance the quality of users’ life, but also quality of their home environment.

Energy Storage

Acer designs solutions for uninterrupted power supplies and the ability to save excess green energy.

Smart Water System

Through our smart rainfall and flood water storage system, we ensure water is retained and saved until it’s needed.

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