Learning Beyond the Classroom


  • Engaging Students through Esports: The Marcellin Case Study

    This whitepaper provides insight into school esports programs and their advantages for schools and students. It will also highlight the recent introduction of esports at Marcellin College and their participation in the 2021 Acer High Schools Cup.

  • An Educator's Guide to Maximising Laptop Investment

    As part of their budget for annual school supplies, educators often find themselves responsible for the purchase of student laptops. For most schools, supplying a laptop for every student is an expensive investment, and therefore, worthy of a long-term care plan to ensure each device will last for the intended duration of the device’s life expectancy.

  • An Educator's Guide on Accidental Damage with Student Laptops

    Students have accidents, and by proxy, so do their essential tools. This is especially true when it comes to laptops, which, due to their portability, are susceptible to damage from varying conditions – whether that’s in the schoolyard, between classes, or at home.

Beyond Supply: The Evolving Role of Technology Vendors in Education.

This white paper discusses how Acer Computer Australia has evolved from a traditional hardware supplier into a holistic technology collaborator that works directly with schools to improve student learning.

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  • Moving Forward with Technology

    This whitepaper focusses on the key learnings of the pandemic in the context of technology and online learning and discusses how schools can better prepare their resources for 2021 and beyond.

  • Digital Developments: Why a Partnership with DLTV Benefits Teachers

    Digital learning and teaching are critical components of a contemporary education. This is why the organisation Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV) exists – to support Victorian teachers and schools in providing the best possible education to students.

  • Schooling Online During Periods of Disruption

    This white paper will discuss the challenges that online learning has brought to the surface, particularly with technology, and will provide some best practices and tips that have been developed by teachers to engage students learning from home.

  • Technology Spotlight: Loreto College Coorparoo Case Study

    See how Acer is helping schools like Loreto College to keep up with the latest education technology to improve the learning experience of its students.

  • Creating Equal Learning Opportunity with Acer

    Take a look at how Acer helps Manaiakalani Education Trust (MET) to create equal learning opportunities in schools all around New Zealand.

  • Empowering Students with Technology: Ave Maria College Case Study

    Acer seeks to build stronger relationships with its clients and provide additional value in addition to offering quality products. Acer’s partnership with Ave Maria College is a notable example that demonstrates such efforts.

  • Data-Driven Personalised Learning: The Future for Education

    Recently, Acer enlisted Professor Fang Chen and her team at UTS to assist Ave Maria College in creating a data dashboard that can provide valuable insights about their students and facilitate better student outcomes.

  • Developing Technology for the Future of Education

    Learn more about the collaboration between Acer and Microsoft on a solution well suited for primary school students, combining the new Windows 11 SE and the TravelMate B3, and its trial at St Thomas' Primary School.

  • Transforming Education with Technology: John Paul College Case Study

    Learn more about Acer's long-standing partnership with John Paul College and how Acer currently helps the College deliver its digital-based curriculum and esports program.