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  • 001 Best Cyber Security Practices for Schools

    Best Cyber Security Practices for Schools

    Cyber security is becoming increasingly important as schools increase their use of technology. With the significant rise in digital learning, students need to be cyber-savvy in addition to being tech-savvy as many new and improved cyber threats have emerged.

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  • 3.4

    EdTech Trends to watch in 2022

    During the past two years, EdTech has allowed schools and campuses to overcome one of the world’s biggest challenges. It consolidated the strong bond between innovation, learning, and teaching. As EdTech continues to reach new heights of development, let’s take a look at what Forbes has forecasted for technology in education in the upcoming twelve months.

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  • 003 Maximising the Performance and Lifespan of Education Devices

    Maximising the Performance and Lifespan of Education Devices

    For most schools, supplying a laptop for every student is an expensive investment. Additionally, student laptops are exposed to harsher conditions than those employed in a corporate enterprise due to the nature of student life. Therefore, long-term planning is essential for schools and educators to ensure that each device performs at its peak capacity and lasts for the intended duration of the device’s life expectancy.

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  • 004 Why Challenging Co-Op Games Help to Improve Student Relationships

    Why Challenging Co-Op Games Help to Improve Student Relationships

    Gaming is not just about having fun. A collaborative research study carried out by the Aalborg University and Future Classroom Lab has concluded that, with the right motivation and preparation, educators can use gaming to encourage learning and foster stronger connections between students.

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  • 005 5 Reasons Why Educators Love the Acer TravelMate P4 Series Laptops

    5 Reasons Why Educators Love the Acer TravelMate P4 Series Laptops

    The education landscape is changing, and Acer is looking for new ways to accommodate these changes. With the move to more online and blended learning, there are new opportunities for technology to address some of the challenges educators face.

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  • 006 Introducing Esports to the Classroom

    Introducing Esports to the Classroom

    Esports have a growing presence in popular culture and on the world stage for entertainment purposes, now expanding into academic learning environments as part of in-class and extracurricular programming.

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  • 007

    Safeguarding Students from Cyberbullying:The New Online Standard

    With the increasingly prevalence of technology in the classroom, cyberbullying has now become the invisible schoolyard bully—difficult to identify, and even more challenging to put a stop to.

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  • 008

    Why Uptime Should be the Goal of your School's Accidental Damage Policy

    When a student laptop is accidentally damaged, the administrative process that ensues can be time-consuming and stressful. It can also put unnecessary strain on the relationships between schools, parents and students. Which is why having an accidental policy in place is vital. It’s equally as important, however, that the goal of that policy is uptime because the last thing any educator wants is for a student to be without a working laptop!

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  • 009 Accidental Disposition Why Student Laptops Need Durability

    Accidental Disposition: Why Student Laptops Need Durability

    Accidents will happen, but there are features worth looking for at the purchase point which can lessen the risk of damage. While many factors come into play when considering a student laptop – such as performance, usability, weight and aesthetics – durability should be given special consideration.

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  • 010 Let the Games Begin! The Benefits of Esports at School

    Let the Games Begin! The Benefits of Esports at School

    Like traditional sports, esports develops skills such as perseverance, teamwork, communication, and discipline. Additionally, they can expand student capabilities in the form of creative thinking, problem solving and decisionmaking.

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  • 011 Health and Wellbeing Concerns Rank Twice in Top Five Australian Student Challenges

    Health and Wellbeing: Concerns Rank Twice in Top Five Australian Student Challenges

    In ‘The Future of Education’ report for 2021, five key issues have been earmarked as the top challenges facing secondary students – and two of those five leading challenges are characterised as mental health and wellbeing concerns.

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  • 012 Schooling The Tech Why Student Laptops Must Be Fit for Purpose

    Schooling The Tech: Why Student Laptops Must Be Fit for Purpose

    When it comes to choosing tools, one should always ask the question, has this been designed to suit the application? This rings especially true for education technology, where many factors come into consideration, including budget, longevity and suitability to student handling.

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  • 013 How Teachers Can Help Students To Reduce Cybersecurity Risks

    How Teachers Can Help Students To Reduce Cybersecurity Risks

    With many people working or studying from home, the use of the Internet has been more intensive than ever, and with it, digital forms of crime have also increased significantly.

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  • 014 Teaching Empathy Through Technology

    Teaching Empathy Through Technology

    Nowadays, empathy is one of the most important soft skills in the workplace and everyday life.

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  • 015-Foster_Critical_Thinking

    Foster Critical Thinking with EdTech

    Facilitating critical thinking skills is crucial for students as these skills will enhance their learning as well as their future careers and personal lives.

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  • 016-Connect_Esports

    Connecting Diverse Students with Esports

    Esports programs provide schools with an excellent opportunity to help diverse students develop a sense of belonging at school.

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  • 017-Nurturing_mindful_classrooms

    Nurturing Mindful Classrooms with Technology

    Practising mindfulness is an excellent way to create happier and healthier learning environments.

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  • 018-Enhancing_SpinP4_AveMaria

    Enhancing Education with TravelMate Spin P4 at Ave Maria College

    For the past few years, Ave Maria College has equipped all teachers and students with Acer's TravelMate Spin P4 laptop to facilitate engaging and interactive learning.

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  • 019-5tips_gamify

    5 Tips to Gamify Your Classroom

    Gamification engages students' interest and can help foster crucial skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving.

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  • 020-Data_analytics

    Benefits of Data Analytics for Schools

    With data analytics becoming an integral part of the decision-making process for many sectors, the time has come for data analytics to make its way into education.

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  • 021-Making_tech_accessible

    Making Technology Accessible to All Students

    Considering the growing use of technology in education, it has become vital that students have equitable access to technology.

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  • 022-enhancing_flexibility

    Enhancing Flexibility in Learning with EdTech

    With the help of EdTech, students can now learn in ways that better suit their own learning styles and needs, facilitating increased engagement and better learning outcomes.

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  • 023-Minecraft_education

    Minecraft Education Edition: The Building Blocks of Engaging Learning

    Minecraft: Education Edition is an excellent open-world game that provides opportunities for students to develop their creativity, teamwork and problem-solving skills in an immersive environment.

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  • 024-digital_literacy

    Digital Literacy and Its Increasing Importance

    With the growing use of technology in almost every aspect of life, digital literacy is required to take full advantage of the opportunities that technology offers.

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  • 025-personalise_learning

    Personalise Learning with Technology

    Finding the right balance in addressing students’ individual needs can be challenging. Advancements in technology have provided new opportunities to make personalise learning easier.

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  • 026-5tips_smoother

    5 Tips for a Smoother Computer Experience

    Regular maintenance of your computer can optimise its performance and extend its lifespan.

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  • 027-technology_edu

    Technology in Education: Changing the Way We Learn

    Education has evolved drastically over the years, and technology has played a significant role in this transformation, changing how information is accessed to how students and teachers interact.

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  • 028-levelling_up

    Levelling Up: How Esports is Powering STEM Education

    Esports can be a valuable tool for schools as it provides an engaging and interactive way for students to develop a range of skills.

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  • 29-nurturing_responsible_laptop

    Nurturing Responsible Laptop Habits in Students

    The easy accessibility to the internet and social media can lead to distraction and irresponsible use of laptops, negatively affecting students’ academic performance.

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  • 030-get_ahead_Edtech_trends

    Get Ahead of the Game: EdTech Trends to Watch for in 2023

    With each passing year, technology is reshaping how we learn and teach, and this year promises to be no different.

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