Product Design

Acer Vero devices can be recycled and are made with sustainable materials, such as post-consumer recycled (PCR) and ocean-bound plastics, to reduce the environmental impact from start to finish.


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Sustainable Materials

To increase the portion of sustainable materials in our products, we work with suppliers to use more eco-friendly materials, including post-consumer recycled (PCR) and ocean-bound plastics, in our Vero product lines. It is a reflection of our commitment to reducing the use of virgin materials and minimizing our carbon footprint.

Acer Green Visualization

In addition to the direct changes on materials, we have integrated new visual elements for all Vero products. For instance, we highlighted the “R” and “E” keycaps and engraved eco-conscious symbols on the laptop base.

Repairable and Upgradable

We prioritize modular design. Our products are intentionally designed to be easy to disassemble, repair, and upgrade to extend their lifecycle. Built around expandability and upgradability, we enable our consumers to upgrade their PCs over time.

Energy Efficiency

We have set a goal for our products to consume 45% less energy by 2025, compared to 2016. We work with partners to continuously reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency, and battery lifespan.

Packaging Design

Our packaging for the Acer Vero Notebook uses minimal and environmental-friendly materials, such as 90% recycled paper and post-industrial recycled (PIR) polyester, with extended usability.


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Reducing Plastic

We work with suppliers to reduce the amount of plastic used in our packaging, for instance, replacing plastic handles with paper handles. Our insistence on plastic reduction continues to build through incremental changes.

Recycled Paper All the Way

Acer brings sustainability to the consumer unboxing experience. Cushioning plays a significant role in ensuring product protection during shipment. After numerous evaluations and testing, we will replace EPE foam cushions with recycled paper and paper mold materials without compromising protection.

Recyclable Packaging

Starting from Acer's notebook product lines, our packaging design allows for easy disassembling during the recycling process. Additionally, our choice of materials and printing method ensures packaging materials can be easily recycled to start a new packaging journey!

Functional, Reusable Packaging

Our Vero packaging design contains numerous reusable functions to bring additional value to our consumers. Be it as additional storage, a laptop stand, or even a nursery plant box, our packaging solutions are designed with reusability in mind, transforming one-off packaging into functional everyday items.


We work with industry partners to rethink the production process, and improve chemical and waste management.


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Waste Management

Plastic usage during the manufacturing process is a hidden threat to the environment. Starting with removing plastic bag usage from the power cord production of our products, we also bring changes to our suppliers’ manufacturing system.

Compliance With Environmental Labeling Standards

We disclose our products’ eco-performance through environmental certifications focusing on the limited use and traceability of listed substances.


Our optimized logistics and transportation allow us to cut unnecessary waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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Waste Reduction at the Source

We remove the usage of redundant and unrecyclable security tape from product lines, starting from our monitor lines. The amount of waste expected to be reduced in 2023 reduced yearly for just our monitor lines equals 5,500 km of tape – approximately the distance from London to New York.

Responsible Logistics System

As freight transportation and logistics activities contribute to nearly 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, we developed a carbon accounting system to optimize the way we do our logistics. The system enables us to track each shipment's carbon emissions starting from the origin to its destination. With this shipment record data, we are able to optimize our logistics system, which will then reduce our overall greenhouse gas emissions. As of now, this system is currently in use in China with plans to be adopted worldwide.

GoGreen Solutions

We proactively work with DHL Global Forwarding, our sustainable logistics provider, to find more eco-friendly logistics solutions. We have established a mega gateway that combines various transport modes to get shipments delivered directly to our customers, largely reducing the average fuel burn per shipment. In addition, with DHL's solution of using more than 30% sustainable aviation and marine fuel during transportation, we are gradually reducing the use of fossil fuels and minimizing our environmental impact.


Channel and recycling solutions give our products and materials a new purpose at the end of their lives.

Acer Trade-in Programs

We encourage consumers to participate in our trade-in and recycling programs starting in the U.S., EMEA, and certain Asia Pacific countries.

Lithium Battery Recycling

In 2021, Acer North America collected a metric ton of disposable lithium batteries for proper recycling, saving over 13 metric tons of waste destined for landfills over three consecutive years from 2018 to 2021.

Standardized Recycling Process

All recycling programs in the U.S. require the proper disposal and management of electronic equipment, components, and materials. Our aim is to ensure that Acer’s recycling program meets the recycling requirements of the latest version of EPEAT and the IEEE 1680.1- standard.


Our operations use renewable energy such as solar to keep fossils where they belong— underground.


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Renewable Energy at Operating Locations Worldwide

With in-house renewable energy generation facilities, mainly solar, and guaranteed renewable energy sources adoption, the total green power generation for the whole year in Acer Group was around 3.6 million kWh. Compared to 2020, this amount is an increase of approximately 300,000 kWh.

Supply Chain Green Commitments

We select partners committed to environmental protection and provide information on the Carbon Disclosure Project. In addition, we work with critical suppliers to increase our RE100 and SBT commitment rate. Until 2021, 55% of suppliers have made their pledges, and we aim to achieve an 80% rate by 2025.

Smart Parking Meter

According to statistics, drivers waste 55 hours a year looking for parking, and their vehicles account for 30% of all city traffic. To solve this problem, we developed a Smart Parking Meter that automatically tracks parking space availability and reports them to an easy-to-access app for drivers.

Smart Charging Solution

Acer subsidiary Acer ITS's charging solution is the first in Asia to launch smart parking charging stations for roadside parking. By providing the best solution for government agencies to build charging pillar infrastructure, we contribute to the future of EVs and eco-friendly transportation.