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S1 Series

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Actual Quality That Lasts

The S1 Series projector is durable and designed to last, all while providing quality images from a short distance.


Give Life to Presentations

Project in WXGA1 clarity and give your presentation a clearer, sharper edge with colors that mimic life.


1 Specifications may vary depending on model and/or region.
2 Wireless projection is only available via optional Acer wireless adapter.
3 In order to access features, user must Download eDisplayPro app for smart device and eDisplay management for PC.
4 Optional accessory.
5 The actual operating life span of a projector lamp will vary according to operating conditions and usage patterns.
6 Actual power consumption reduction will vary according to operating conditions and usage patterns.
7 Lamp Life of ExtremeEco mode is based on an industrial standard of educational usage cycle, which consists of 45 minutes of Full, ECO and/or Dynamic modes, 75 minutes of ExtremeEco (lowest lamp power) mode and 15 minutes of Power Off mode

Prices and Specifications are subject to change without notice.  

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