Acer Connect ENDURO
M3 5G Mobile Wi-Fi

Ruggedized Mobile Hotspot

When you’re working on the go, you need a mobile hotspot that can keep up. The Acer Connect ENDURO M3 and its ruggedized design is protected against drops, bumps, water, and more – giving you the freedom to take you and your work anywhere.

Superior 5G Coverage with SignalScan™

No SIM card necessary - with vSIM technology and SignalScan™, your device can flexibly connect to the strongest 5G or 4G signal from any network and ensures your connection stays strong and stable.1

Connect All Your Devices

No matter if you’re traveling with colleagues or family, this device has you covered. Connect devices on the go over Wi-Fi 6 2x2 MIMO wireless technology.

Ruggedized Design

Certified MIL-STD-810H durable and with IP54 protection against dust and water, this rugged mobile hotspot is designed to stand up to all the unexpected bumps and drops of everyday travel.

Designed for All Day Connectivity

The 6500 mAh high-capacity battery lets you stay focused on your travels without worrying about charging your device.

Protect Your Data

This mobile hotspot uses WPA3 to simplify your Wi-Fi security by enabling robust authentication and cryptographic strength while also providing built-in VPN functionality to ensure your data stays anonymous.

Award Winning Design

With its innovative and cutting-edge design, this mobile router has earned accolades such as a 2023 Red Dot Product Design Award and 2023 iF Design Award - internationally recognized symbols of excellence in design.

Charging on the Go

Experience true portability. Not only does this device feature a high-capacity battery, but it doubles as a battery pack – making it your ultimate travel companion to stay charged and connected.

USB Tethering

Enjoy a secure and stable connection, regardless of your device. Our mobile router connects directly via USB-C to Windows, Linux, and Mac devices.

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1 SignalScan is a paid service from SIMO.