Indulge Your Eyes

Acer Swift OLED Laptops

The premium technology of choice for any laptop, Acer Swift OLED displays offer vivid colors, sharp contrast, steady motion clarity, and so much more. Delivering an immersive OLED laptop viewing experience that’s perfect for entertainment or productivity.

The Swift OLED Laptops

Unsurpassed Motion Clarity

Acer Swift OLED laptops boast ultra-fast response times and refresh rates, so you can enjoy smooth, blur-free movement in the content you love to consume or create.

Up to 0.2 ms Response Time

Fast-moving objects are sharper and less distorted on Acer Swift OLED laptops, resulting in a smoother, more enjoyable viewing experience.

Up to 120 Hz Refresh Rate

A high refresh rate means images are updated more frequently, allowing for more detail to be seen in fast-moving scenes on Acer Swift OLED displays.

Deeper Blacks. Brighter Whites.

With Acer Swift OLED laptops, each pixel is self-emitting—resulting in a 1,000,000:1 superior contrast ratio, with deeper blacks and brighter whites that reveal even the smallest of details.

DisplayHDR™ Certification

Ensures that everything on your HDR video comes to life—with vibrant colors and stunning contrast for eye-popping realism.

500 Nits Peak Brightness

No matter where you are, enjoy every single detail on Acer Swift OLED displays without squinting or searching for shade.

Absolute Dark

Self-lit pixels on Acer Swift OLED displays independently switch off to produce an immersive and true black level of darkness.


Is the sky too blue or the grass too green? Never again with Acer Swift OLED displays—which produce brilliant, true-to-life colors that take your viewing experience to the next level.

100% DCI-P3

Covering the full range of the DCI-P3 color space, Acer Swift OLED laptops bring what you’re watching to life in over a billion colors.

25% Larger Color Space

DCI-P3 can display a wider range of colors than sRGB color space—allowing for more accurate and vibrant color reproduction.

True to the Source Color

With cinema-grade color accuracy, Acer Swift OLED laptops ensure colors on-screen are true to the original intent of content creators.

Up to 4K Resolution

Captivating images, blockbuster movies, and everything in between comes to life with incredible clarity and detail on stunning 4K Acer Swift OLED displays.

Super Slim Bezels

Acer Swift OLED laptops feature super slim bezels—providing increased screen real estate and lighter, thinner form factors that look good and turn heads wherever you go.

EyeSafe® Certified

Professionally calibrated and certified by TÜV Rheinland, Acer Swift OLED displays balance blue light limitations and keep potential eyestrain to a minimum—for more comfortable, extended viewing.

Efficient Dark Mode

When the individual pixels on an Acer Swift OLED display emit black, they are turned off—effectively lowering power consumption and allowing for more efficient battery management.

More About Acer Swift OLED Laptops

What does OLED stand for?

OLED is an acronym for "Organic Light Emitting Diode” a type of panel that uses organic molecules to allow individual pixels to emit their own light, as opposed to traditional display panels, where the backlight is always on, and light leakage is unavoidable.

Do Acer Swift OLED laptops experience burn-in?

If images are shown for a long period of time, OLED displays can suffer burn-in, resulting in a faint image “burned-in” to the screen. Fortunately, Acer Swift OLED laptops have anti-burn-in features like dark mode and a screen saver that can help avoid burn-in.

Is OLED technology the future of laptops?

Today, with the prevalence of smartphones, HDR content, and the rise of work from home, people are spending a huge chunk of their time in front of laptop screens. OLED technology serves as an evolutionary jump in response to these changes and its benefits are undeniable.

Who should use Acer Swift OLED laptops?

Acer Swift OLED laptops come in plenty of styles and solutions that suit any lifestyle. Whether you need the Swift X 14 for content creation or the Swift Edge 16 that’s perfect for digital nomads, there’s an Acer Swift OLED laptop for every stage!