Powering the next generation of teaching and learning

Equip your school with Chromebooks—versatile, easy-to-manage, and secure devices designed for education. Teach and learn from where you are, and prepare for where you’ll go next.

Versatile devices, built for education

Empower everyone in your school community with tools, apps, and features that meet their needs.

Easy to manage and scale

Be in control of all of your school’s devices—and support your IT team with the Chrome Education Upgrade.

Designed to power educational experiences

Made to be fast, easy to use, reliable, and ready for learning, Chromebooks boost productivity both in and out of the classroom.

Security built into every layer

Reduce risks with Chromebooks’ multilayered security and integrated safeguards.

Finding Your Perfect Device

To select the right device for your school, staff, and students, it’s important to first consider who will be using it and how exactly they’ll be using the device.

Device Categories


Learning Anywhere

Great for learning inside and outside the classroom, these devices support multiple browser tabs and Google Workspace concurrently, plus video conferencing with 49+ participants.

Advanced Use

For heavy workloads including content creation, coding, and more. Supports large video calls, Google Workspace, and external displays. Acer Chromebook Plus devices are recommended.

User Profiles


Grades 1-8

10-12” touch-enabled clamshell, tablets (detachable), ruggedized

Grades 6-12

11-15” touch-enabled clamshell, convertible, light and ruggedized
Preferred features: Garaged stylus, dual cameras, 16:10 or 3:2 aspect ratio
Recommended specs: 8GB RAM, 64GB+ storage

Teachers, Staff, & Higher Education

13-16” convertible, thin and light
Preferred features: Garaged stylus, fingerprint sensor, FHD+ display, 1080p+ camera
Minimum specs: 8GB RAM, 128GB+ storage

ChromeOS Devices for Learning Anywhere


ChromeOS Devices for Advanced Use


Chrome Education Upgrade

Chrome Education Upgrade unlocks the capabilities of ChromeOS. Creating the freedom for educators to provide exceptional learning experiences for their students, while ensuring security and management at every level.

EDU icons_ChromeOS upgrades

ChromeOS upgrades

Transform devices for standardized testing, enable SSO login, and set up automatic re-enrollment.

EDU icons_Device management

Device management

Choose from hundreds of policies to deploy, manage, lock down, and secure devices, all from the cloud-based Google Admin console.

EDU icons_24x7 IT admin support

24x7 IT admin support

All this, with the added benefit of ChromeOS troubleshooting assistance. Call Google at any time if an issue comes up at no additional cost.

Zero-touch enrollment

Quickly deploy and enroll your Acer Chromebooks. With ChromeOS Zero-Touch Enrollment, IT managers can effortlessly drop-ship Acer Chromebooks and automatically enroll them into the school domain as soon as they connect to the internet.

EDU icons_Literally ready out of the box

Literally ready out of the box

EDU icons_Less time needed for manual configuration

Less time needed for manual configuration

EDU icons_Built with security in mind

Built with security in mind