Acer Wave 7

Take control of your internet experience with the Acer Wave 7 Wi-Fi 7 mesh router. Designed for modern living, build a robust and secure high-speed network ensuring uninterrupted streaming, gaming, or browsing from any corner of your home or workspace.

• WiFi 7 & Multi-Link Operation

• Support 6GHz and 320MHz

• Multi-Link Mesh and Multiple Ethernet Ports

• Hybrid QoS

• Lifetime Subscription of Trend Micro Home Network Security

Wi-Fi 7 with MLO

Acer Wave 7 ushers in a new era of wireless accessibility. WiFi 7 & Multi-Link Operation provides the fastest and most seamless connectivity experience across all available Wi-Fi bands.

Support 6GHz and 320MHz

Command your own dedicated connectivity highway express lane. Fast forwards with absolute speed and ease with this the highest capacity 6GHz and double transmission rates with 320 MHz lanes to your latest compatible devices.

Multi-Link Mesh and Multiple Ethernet Ports

Allow multiple devices to connect to Wi-Fi bands simultaneously, enhancing throughput, minimizing latency, and bolstering reliability. Multiple ethernet ports adds usability in times when direct connections are needed.

Hybrid QoS

The Hybrid QoS delivers a powerful bandwidth management solution, seamlessly prioritization of applications and devices. This enables smooth video conferencing and high-bandwidth devices in your smart home.

Smart and Secure Connectivity

Enjoy trusted protection for your connected world, with a lifetime subscription of Trend Micro Home Network Security, and built-in WPA encryption. Ensuring your network and connected devices are protected 24/7.

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