Acer SpatialLabs™ View Pro 27

A Revolutionary Dimension in Immersive Vision

The Acer SpatialLabs View Pro 27 is a canvas for creators and developers, turning ideas into vivid 3D worlds, glasses-free. With SpatialLabs technology, designs leap out with clarity. Every detail stands out, bringing concepts closer to reality.

A New Scale of Immersion With Exquisite Details

Acer SpatialLabs View Pro 27 fuses art & tech in a 27-inch 4K display. The advanced 3D system, from visuals to acoustics, is crafted for immersion. Explore detailed models or vast landscapes, bringing designs to life with unmatched realism. 

Optimized 3D for Extremely Low Light Settings

Enjoy flawless 3D visuals, even in low light. Our tech precisely tracks eye positions in dim environments, ensuring the 3D experience is always perfectly tuned to the viewer. Whether you prefer working in low light settings or want to showcase your creations in soft-light ambience, visuals perfectly adjust to your movements for consistently captivating and clear view.

Elevate Your 3D Creations to Their Truest Form

Dive into your projects with a 160Hz refresh rate, making animations fluid and lifelike. A detachable hood ensures focused immersion, while the truest colors shine through, thanks to a Color Gamut Delta E < 2. With the SpatialLabs View Pro 27, live every detail of your creation.

Acer Immerse Audio: A Complete Visual-Audio Experience

Acer Immerse Audio is an advanced AI-driven sound system, along with beamforming and head tracking, that creates a spatial audio experience that surrounds you. Every detail, from hardware to algorithms, is optimized to immerse you in sound. Whether in a digital realm or cinematic content, the audio adjusts in real-time like a virtual headset, syncing with every movement and emotion.

Perfect for Every Place and Purpose

The SpatialLabs View Pro 27 epitomizes adaptability. Perfect for interactive exhibits, educational hubs, or professional workspaces, its ErgoStand design offers versatile tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustments. Enhanced by VESA compatibility, it supports diverse mounting options. You can also pair it with a mini PC to transform it into a dynamic centerpiece for any environment.

Craft, Adapt, Showcase: The Power of SpatialLabs Stereoscopic 3D

The SpatialLabs View Pro 27 transforms 3D visions into reality. With the SpatialLabs Experience Center Pro, designers can harness included tools like the Model Viewer and software add-ons, accelerating workflows and ensuring your creations captivate audiences with unmatched depth and clarity.

Integrated with leading rendering engines Unreal and Unity, the SpatialLabs Pro devices enable developers to showcase content in true 3D brilliance, while eliminating the need for glasses. It's a solution that makes every 3D design stand out, whether in education, architecture, or any field.

Acer's innovations have redefined immersive experiences for VR and XR developers. The Acer SteamVR Bridge transforms VR creations into high-resolution, glasses-free visuals. Combined with Acer's OpenXR runtime, the SpatialLabs Pro devices align with OpenXR standards, merging OpenXR’s versatility with Acer's 3D expertise.

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*Display Delta E<2 in 2D mode