Acer SpatialLabs™ Eyes

Capture & share life in 3D with Acer SpatialLabs Eyes – immersive, versatile, and intuitive!

Introducing Acer SpatialLabs Eyes, a multifaceted and intuitive camera for unparalleled 3D creation. Beyond 3D shots, it integrates with the SpatialLabs platform so you can create 3D content, stream live, and join meetings in 3D.

Anywhere You Go, Capture Life in 3D

Acer SpatialLabs Eyes turns any place into a 3D art scene. Whether you're experienced or new to 3D photography, the compact Acer SpatialLabs Eyes with 8MP per eye resolution, a selfie mirror, and weatherproof design is great for any adventure. So you can capture stunning 3D images in a way that's simply extraordinary.

Intuitive Design, Enhanced Shooting Prowess

Acer SpatialLabs Eyes merges craftsmanship with carefully calibrated lens alignment and an advanced optical system. Featuring auto or touch focus and Electronic Image Stabilization for effortless shooting. And for seasoned creators, manual mode offers the flexibility to adjust ISO, white balance, and shutter speed for perfect scene capture.

Beyond Snapshots: Realtime 3D Streaming and Calling

The Acer SpatialLabs Eyes goes beyond capturing stunning 3D photos and videos. From easy trimming to the fun of sharing your vision on streaming platforms including YouTube, Acer’s SpatialLabs Player 3.0 makes it a breeze, while SpatialLabs video call widget enables engaging in immersive 3D video calls such as Teams and Zoom.

Your 3D Story, Multiplied Across Platforms

Enhance your storytelling by viewing content on Acer SpatialLabs product series from laptops to monitors or engaging through VR/AR headsets such as Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quest, and 3D projectors. So your vision is not just seen, but felt.

Be Inspired: A Gallery of 3D Possibilities

Explore what's possible with Acer SpatialLabs Eyes in our downloadable gallery, where each image showcases the camera's capability to capture life with stunning depth and clarity. Enter a world of visual inspiration and see the potential for your next 3D journey.


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