RGB Light Sense

Synchronize the screen’s colors to the beat of the music, screen content, and even esports tournaments using the RGB Light Sense app1.

Light Up Your Display

Create the perfect atmosphere for gaming, movies, and more. The RGB Light Sense app lights up the display in sync with music, screen content, and even esports tournaments. You can even explore different modes and moods!

Keep It Simple

Choose bold colors and nine effects1, including breathing, shifting, and more with Basic Sync mode. Vary the effect speed to suit your preference, then sit back and enjoy. Basic Sync mode is the default setting for all compatible devices.

Light and Sound

Stimulate your eyes and ears with Music Sync mode. The app detects the rhythm and volume of your music, movie, or game and changes the lighting color and effects accordingly.

Expand Your Screen

Screen Sync mode2 mimics the colors that appear on your display and slowly spreads to your peripherals, giving you a natural, organic flow of colors and effects.

Immersive Gaming

Game Sync mode2 gives you an immersive gaming experience by synchronizing the lighting pattern to the gaming event.

Light Up Your Gaming

Dramatically change how you play League of Legends with RGB Light Sense-LoL. Improve awareness of your champion’s skills with customized lighting profiles tied to their abilities. See your abilities in real-time as lights ripple and cascade across the screen. Utilize the pre-set profiles or fine-tune them to your liking. Additional features include preset and customizable QWER abilities for color, speed, duration, and brightness, while additional effects are triggered by Match Start, Kill, Respawn, and Victory. RGB Light Sense-LoL brings your champions’ abilities into the real world for all to see.

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*All images used are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may differ from images shown. Product specs and availability subject to change without notice. Certain functions are supported by selected devices only. RGB Light Sense works with supported devices only.

1 Supported effects vary by model.
2 Works with supported devices only.