Recycling Your PC (Australia)
Computers and related electronic equipment contain substances such as metals, glass, plastics and certain chemical compounds that are highly recoverable, recyclable and reusable. By recycling your old equipment in a responsible manner, you can keep electronic products out of our landfills and help maximize the use of our natural resources.
Acer offers a recycling program through its partner, Ecycle solutions, which allows Acer’s customers to return certain Acer branded products for recycling free of charge. To access the program, simply click the link below and find your nearest drop-off location: Click Here.
Recycling Your Battery
Acer is a partner of MRI E-cycle Solutions, which provides Acer customers a comprehensive range of collection, reuse and recycling services for all electrical and electronic products and batteries. For more information please click:
Recycling for Businesses
Acer Australia, is offering Take Back Services for Acer's commercial customers. The program helps to overcome the challenges in retiring unwanted assets, and provides a comprehensive suite of services that maximises investments, meets environmental standards, minimises liability, administration and storage costs, and enables maximum value recovery.
Acer’s Take Back Services include but not limited to:
  • Collection and Logistics Services
  • Asset Processing Services
  • Sanitisation and Data Erasure
  • Disposal Services
  • If you would like to obtain a quote, please send us an emal: