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Bringing the most exciting gaming stories to you. Take a behind the scenes look into personalities, trends and latest technologies.

RedBull Partnership - IFA 2019 Highlight

From mighty gaming rigs to creative power stations

A cutting-edge armory of products, including slick Predator gaming laptops and design-focused ConceptD notebooks that aim to elevate your creative pursuits.


RedBull Partnership - Highlight Triton 900

The perfect playing mode

The Predator Triton 900 is a multi-skilled transforming powerhouse.


RedBull Partnership - Highlight Psychology in esports

Prism - Psychology in eSports

Look behind the scenes with Predator: Sports psychologist Mia Stellberg tells us about her work in the eSports world.


RedBull Partnership - Part of the Game Season 2

Part of the Game – Season 2

Gaming around the world with Predator. Travel the globe to see what makes eSports thrive in particular places.


RedBull Partnership - Highlight Gaming Gifts

The ultimate gift guide for PC gamers

The coolest Predator gear, from monitors to keyboards, mice, headsets, mousepads, desktops and laptops available this holiday season to be gamer.


RedBull Partnership - Highlight Perfect Hardware

The perfect eSports setup from Predator

We spoke to Marko Fritz, tournament organiser at Red Bull pLANet one.


RedBull Partnership - Highlight Prism

Prism – From SciFi into Reality

Meet Dan the Gamer with the “DeusEx” Bionic Arm empowered by Predator.


RedBull Partnership - IFA 2018

New high performance gear revealed

This year’s autumn launch event was the stage for an amazing new Predator line-up, including ultra-powerful gaming PCs, spectacular accessories, 4K monitors and more.


RedBull Partnership - Orion 5000

Ultimate kit to win a battle royale game

With the Predator Orion 5000 you can test your gaming ability for the ultimate Battle royale games like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.


RedBull Partnership - Highlight Helios 500

Boost your gameplay

High-end PC gaming on the move is possible, and to prove it, we set top Twitch streamer Nervarien the task of improving his ELO with Predator Helios 500.


RedBull Partnership - Highlight Helios 300

Mystic gameplay

The Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop lets you play even the most demanding games anywhere.


RedBull Partnership - LOL

Best gaming gear for LoL

With the Predator XB2, the official monitor provider of Worlds since 2016, we got you covered.


RedBull Partnership - Part of the Game

Part of the Game - Season 1

A documentary that explores the global phenomenon of eSports with Predator PCs in different corners of the world.


RedBull Partnership - Unfold

eSports Unfold

Run with us through Fly and n0tail’s Dota 2 career and learn about their beginnings and how Predator PCs brought them to the top.


RedBull Partnership - Triton 700


Gaming laptops have often been jacks of all trades, but the Predator Triton 700 machine is making mincemeat of convention.


RedBull Partnership - Orion 9000

How you can get the most from your space sims

Outer space is one of gaming’s most fascinating settings and the Predator Orion 9000 will let you feel like you’re touching the stars.


RedBull Partnership - Z35

How to burn more rubber with your racing sims

You're in your rig, revving your engine as you wait for the race to start and this is where it counts. Immerse yourself in the track with Predator G6 and Z35.