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Acer OJO 500

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Good Design 2018 - Award

Detachable & Swappable Design

The detachable lens makes it easier to move and store. With a choice between hard and washable1 soft head straps which can be removed, the general public can be assured that they’re using clean headwear. When the lens unit has been removed it reduces the size and makes it easier to return for servicing.

Acer OJO 500 - Detachable and Swappable Design - Large

Easy Pupil Distance Adjustment

By accurately adjusting the space of the lenses between the eyes wearers get a much more comfortable experience. Moving the IPD to its optimal distance ensures that you’ll be able to view images more clearly. The gap between the pupils is known as Interpupillary Distance (IPD), and the lenses are adjusted to match this using a wheel on the headset.

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More Comfortable Head Strap

The comfortable head strap helps guide the lenses to their correct position. Through the use of extra-large padding, the headset fits more comfortably over the wearer’s eyes so that it’s less likely to slip out of place when the headset is flipped up.

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Integrated Audio

A first for VR headsets and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, the patented integrated audio system directs sounds towards the wearer’s ears. By leaving ears open to external sounds users can maintain awareness of their surroundings and still enjoy an immersive experience. This makes it ideal for using in public spaces where users may not want to be totally cut off from their surroundings.

Acer OJO 500 - More Comfortable Head Strap - Large

Customizable Front Cover

Branded front covers for businesses. Companies can personalize their Acer OJO 500 by getting their logo and colors printed2 onto the headset’s front cover.

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Windows Mixed Reality Benefits

Windows Mixed Reality is the ideal way to experience virtual reality as it offers a host of benefits to make the experience more enjoyable. Inside-Out Tracking watches the world around the headset; a Quick Setup of just 10-minutes means that you’re up and going as soon as possible; with six-degrees of freedom now you can move forward/back, up/down, left/right, pitch, yaw, and roll; and with more than 2,500 games and experiences3 available from Steam® VR and the Microsoft Store you’ll never be short of something to do.

Acer OJO 500 - Windows Mixed Reality Benefits - Large
Acer OJO 500 -  Lifestyle Image - Large

1. There is a limited number of times that the strap can be washed.
2. Must meet minimum order quantity.
3. Requires a compatible PC.

Prices and Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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