Let Creators be Creators

Introducing ConceptD

ConceptD is a fresh approach to computing that overcomes the barriers between people and technology and enables creators to unleash their full potential.

It is not merely about making things different, but about setting new benchmarks and breaking new ground.

The Origin of ConceptD

ConceptD was born out of a belief that designers achieve their best work when they reach their own definition of perfection. Independent research discovered that 15% of gaming device users never install games, and that 50% use both gaming and creative software. This is why we have created a brand that specifically meets the needs of creators. The brand launch is not the destination but the beginning of a journey as we continue to listen to creators’ needs.

Behind the Name

ConceptD derives its name from two distinct entities. Firstly, a “Concept” is an idea that is still forming: a vision for what could be. “D” is open to interpretation and represents whatever the creator desires whether that’s dynamism, design, discovery, detail, development or something else entirely.

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