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Acer ED0 Series overview - Large

Tech Specs

FHD 1920x1080 Resolution – Clearer, Sharper Images
AMD Radeon FreeSync™1 – For Tear Free Images‌
Maximized Immersion – Immersive Gaming on a Curved Screen
5ms Response Time2 – React and Respond Quickly to What You See on Screen
ZeroFrame Design – Improved Enjoyment and Maximum Visibility

ED0 Series ksp - overview quick spec - Large

1 - For Radeon™ FreeSync technology, users will require: a monitor compatible with DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync or HDMI, a compatible Radeon™ GPU with a DisplayPort or HDMI connection, and a compatible Radeon™ Software graphics driver.
2 - Specifications may vary depending on model/and or region.

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The ErP (Energy-related Product Directive) documentation for your Acer product can be found here.  

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