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for Classroom

The perfect solution to equip the school library, Acer desktops, monitors and projectors can also be deployed in computer science labs or any other place where the workload requires better performance. Acer’s solutions for the classroom are reliable and easy to manage, and offer the security features schools and educational institutions are looking for. Acer PCs can handle everything you would expect of a larger PC, yet all come in a space-saving design that fits perfectly into any space conscious environment.

Veriton N

Packing powerful components into a petite, modular design, the Veriton N series can stand alone or be snapped onto the back of Acer monitors. A versatilesolution for any school, it is efficient and secure.

Veriton X Series

With powerful processors, optional graphics, large storage and memory, all in a 10-litre chassis, the Veriton X series takes care of all education needs, while optimizing valuable space.

Veriton Z

The Veriton Z series is the all-in-one solution that offers teachers and students an outstanding classroom experience. It combines space-saving design, optimal performance and top flexibility with comprehensive security and management solutions to help users handle any task efficiently.

Monitor B6

Designed for extended daily use, B6 monitors combine great performance with exceptional comfort. Their viewing position can be easily adapted to any user’s need, while wide viewing angle panels allow students to work in groups and share content.

Veriton M

Perfect for the classroom, Acer Veriton M desktops deliver optimal performance helping teachers and students to make the most of class time. With 6th generation Intel® processors, integrated HD graphics, plenty of memory and disk space, Veriton desktops easily handle school tasks, supporting teachers in creating interactive and engaging lessons.

Projector U5 series

Designed to take interactivity and collaboration in the classroom to the next level, Acer U5 projectors integrate all the features that are important for schools, such as ultra-short throw projection, remote control, 3D support, and wireless projection capability

Chromebox CXI2

Chromebox CXI2 is compact, simple to use and boots in a flash. With always-synched data, built-in virus protection and easy management, it is a great choice for schools, as it can be deployed across entire education environments within minutes.

Projector S1 series

Acer S1 projectors offer short-throw versatility, network control and wireless projection, greatly enhancing usability. With a flexible setup, power management solutions and up to 8,000 hours of lamp life, they are ideal tools for the classroom.

Chromebase CA24I

Acer Chromebase CA24I is the first Chrome all-in-one. With a 23.8” Full HD display it helps to multitask, while four microphones and two speakers enable high quality communication, promoting collaboration among students.

Monitor V6 Series

Perfect for schools, V6 monitors deliver outstanding image quality and high-end connectivity. With a wide range of configurations and models, they are ideal for users that need efficient, reliable displays.