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Rolltop Backpack


Predator Rolltop Backpack

Predator Rolltop Backpack

Rolltop Backpack

Model Name: Predator Rolltop Backpack

Part Number: NP.BAG1A.290

Weather Resistant Exterior - Polyester - Shoulder Strap, Chest Strap, Handle - 26" Height x 17" Width x 6" Depth

Part of the Pack

This is no ordinary roll-top backpack. Crafted from high density polyester, the Predator symbol marks you as one of the pack. Welcome.

Predator Rolltop Backpack - Part of the Pack - ksp 01 desk

A Strong Hold

Hued in gunmetal grey, two metal buckles provide a firm grip to hold this pack in place when rolled. What you can expect are durability and strength.

Predator Rolltop Backpack - A Strong Hold - ksp 02 desk

Everything Has Its Place

Rolled or extended, you’ll find a place for everything that matters – especially that all important Predator 151 with its own padded compartment.

Predator Rolltop Backpack - Everything Has Its Place - ksp 03 desk

The Hidden Pocket

Hidden away at the bottom of the pack is a pocket specifically designed for your AC adapter. Struggle no longer to find a place for it.

Predator Rolltop Backpack - The Hidden Pocket - ksp 04 desk

All-Out Comfort

If it’s going to be with you all day, it better be comfortable. Padded straps and a cushioned back panel are aimed at giving you the comfort you want.

Predator Rolltop Backpack - All-Out Comfort - ksp 05 desk

Engage the Elements

From top to bottom, every aspect of this pack is crafted to let go you where you please. From the water-repellent pockets to the reinforced exterior.

Predator Rolltop Backpack - Engage the Elements - ksp 06 desk

The Small Details

It’s the small things that count. A strap specifically for your headset, an earphone cable pass-through – even a reflective strip for when you’re out at night.

Predator Rolltop Backpack - The Small Details - ksp 07 desk

Let It Do the Carrying

Hot day? Slip out of that jacket2 and stow it away using the two front straps at the front of the backpack.1

Predator Rolltop Backpack - Let It Do the Carrying - ksp 08 desk

A Show of Strength

Oh, did we mention that this 1.32kg can withstand up to 100kg of tear? Feel free to hulk out as much as you like – it can take the strain.

Predator Rolltop Backpack - A Show of Strength - ksp 09 desk

Product Information



Maximum Screen Size Supported

39.6 cm (15.6")

Physical Characteristics

Weight (Approximate)

1.32 kg


Weather Resistant Exterior


660.4 mm


431.8 mm


152.4 mm



Power Adapter


Predator and other Acer 15.6" Laptops

General Information

Product Name

Predator Gaming Rolltop Backpack (PBG6A1)

Product Type

Carrying Case


Limited Warranty

2 Year


1. 15” laptop refers to Predator 15 or similarly sized laptops with a height of 1.5~1.52”, width 15.4” and depth 11.8”.
2. This article of clothing is used primarily as an example and does represent what may actually be worn be said individual.