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1976-1986: Commercialize microprocessor technology

Acer's founder, Stan Shih, has always been passionate about sharing knowledge as a way of contributing to society. Acer actively engaged in teaching others about microprocessor technology, and promoting computer usage in everyday life. At this time, the company established its manufacturing operations, and played a significant role to popularizing the use of computers in Taiwan.

1987-2000: Create a brand name and globalize

In 1987, Multitech formally became known as Acer, marking the start of Acer's efforts toward creating a strong brand name. During this second ten-year stage of development, Acer grew extensively and expanded its strategic and geographic footprint to become one of the world's top ten PC vendors. Priority was placed on delivering the freshest, most affordable technology to benefit consumers worldwide.

2001-2007: Transform from manufacturing to services

Acer evolved from a manufacturing powerhouse to a globally-recognized computer brand, providing world-class IT products and services. Acer's unique Channel Business Model enabled the company to achieve sustainable worldwide growth. The model offers flexibility to adapt to changing global IT market trends, involves collaborating with the industry's top-tier partners and suppliers, while minimizing operating expense and enhancing profitability. In 2007, Acer ranked as the world's No. 3 PC vendor.

2008-beyond: Enhance worldwide presence with a new multi-brand strategy

With the successful completion of the mergers of Gateway and Packard Bell, Acer seeks to further strengthen its global footprint with a new multi-brand strategy and solid partnerships. As the world’s No. 2 PC company, Acer now sets its sight on becoming the No. 1 notebook maker as well as leadership in the mobile device market. Furthermore, Acer is taking bold strides to expand its presence in China to enhance competitiveness on a worldwide scale.