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Don’t Be Boxed In!

You’re more than your day job! You are many things besides. Step out of the shadows, dare to be yourself and make your mark.


Food Blogger

The Freedom to Roam

Bloggers aren’t tied to desks. They need the ability to work wherever they want and need. They need a lightweight laptop capable of picking up the weakest Wi-Fi signal and with the ability to go all day on a single charge.

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Fashion Editor

Power and Beauty

An attractive chassis, and a clear screen are essential in a fashionable office environment. Fashion editors need a laptop that they’re confident in taking to meetings and with a screen that’s capable of displaying the finest details.

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Feel the Power

To keep in touch with e-mail, the office and clients when you’re working out you need a lightweight powerful machine that won’t add unnecessary weight to your gym bag and punches above its weight.

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Tricked out at the Park

If you’re out in the park and want to show your friends and followers what you’re doing, the best way is to record, edit and post videos from the comfort of a large screen using a computer with lots of RAM and a great Wi-Fi signal.

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Product Designer

A Companion

Freelance designers need a laptop that can act as a secondary to their main computer so they can show their designs to perspective clients. Less concerned about weight, they need a machine with the power to make changes on the fly.

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Feel the Beat

VJs need a powerful machine capable of storing lots of music video files and being able to access it quickly. They need a laptop with a fast processor, lots of RAM and a large, fast amount of SSD storage.

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