ConceptD Lab for Creativity

with National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Animation, Art, Graphics

In line with the launch of ConceptD, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) has initiated a creative talent cultivation project in conjunction with the establishment of their own ConceptD lab within the NCTU-ICT Co-working Space. The Space itself is NCTU’s own designated workshop for which a community of teachers and educators from across different fields to design practical courses, promote cross-domain communication, drive cooperation and innovation, and demonstrate how to integrate interdisciplinary knowledge. 
Students taking part in the project are able to fully utilize the ConceptD lab, making use of ConceptD laptops, desktops, and monitors to aid in their education as well as the creation of new projects spanning disciplines such as embedded systems, drones, the Internet of Things, digital fabrication, VR/AR, virtual creation, and more. ConceptD devices easily handle the intensive tasks requested by the students, allowing them to focus on not just their education, but their own creativity.

Products Used

ConceptD 7

Create with improved speed and efficiency with the slim, ultra-modern ConceptD 7 laptop. Designing and editing in 2D or 3D is smoother and its 4K UHD display brings professional precision with its 100% Adobe® RGB color gamut.

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ConceptD 500

The attractive and stylish ConceptD 500 has the latest Intel® Core™ i9 CPU and an NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ 4000 to deliver reliable computing for complex creative projects.

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ConceptD CP3

With PANTONE® Validated 4K UHD wide color gamut displays, CP3 series monitors give you professional levels of color accuracy and precision.

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Software Used