Convenient Creation

The simple and intuitive ConceptD Palette gives you instant access to a wide range of customizable user settings on your ConceptD device. Adjust your color profile, monitor your system, and change your settings with ease.

Main Screen

The main screen of the ConceptD Palette gives you a quick overview of the performance of your system while also letting you configure important device functions.


Get a more in-depth look at how the CPU, GPU, and other system functions of your device are performing.

Split Screen

Choose from a variety of split screen formats to best suit you and your working environment.

App Center

Use this screen to quickly navigate to a variety of helpful applications such as system diagnostics tools, audio tuners, and more.


Manage advanced settings and adjust ConceptD hotkeys for helpful shortcuts such as the color picker, screen snip tool, and more.

Performance Control

Whether you need more power or just want to work in peace, the ConceptD Palette lets you control the performance of your ConceptD device and flexibly switch between full performance, balanced, and whisper-quiet ECO modes.

Adjust Color Profiles

ConceptD devices let you work in a variety of different color spaces. The ConceptD Palette lets you swap between them at your convenience, while also letting you fine-tune your display settings to suit your needs.

Split Screen Functionality

Automatically arrange your on-screen applications for maximum efficiency without needing to manually adjust window size.

Color Picker

No more lengthy and annoying process to match colors - quickly sample and retrieve on-screen color values with the help of creator hotkeys.

On-screen Keyboard Shortcuts

Hunting for specific tools can slow you down. The ConceptD Palette lets you immediately pick and choose which tool you need in the moment from a conveniently visualized list of shortcuts.

ConceptD Creator Hotkeys

Utilize the 3 additional creation-focused hotkeys for quick access to things such as the snipping tool, application swapping, and sampling colors.

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1 ConceptD Palette version varies by hardware configuration, model, and device.
2 ‘Performance’ mode only available when connected to AC power.