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All the below toll free numbers are applicable/valid only for customers calling-in from India. All customers calling-in from India need to call these numbers directly with out prefixing "0". All callers who are calling - in from other countries outside India, please note that if this number lands on any other entity other than Acer Call Centers in India, it will be beyond the scope of Acer India Pvt Ltd. And Acer India Pvt Ltd will not be responsible for such calls. Please note that these numbers are allocated by Authorized Telco Service Provider of India.
Call Center Contact Number
Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM (Excluding public holidays)
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Laptop, Projector, Tablet PC & Smart Phone
Desktop, Monitor & Server
(Toll free from all telecom operators).
Whatsapp number : +91 6366 800 400
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(Toll free from all telecom operators).

For any unresolved service related issue or grievance redressal, please mail us at