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Predator Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse

Model Name: Predator Gaming Mouse
Part Number: NP.MCE11.005
Illuminated pulses. Your fingers glide effortlessly. Scroll, swivel, slide. Not a single miss. The match is yours. They never stood a chance.
Predator Gaming Mousepad

Gaming Mouse Pad

Model Name: Predator Gaming Mousepad
Part Number: NP.MSP11.001
Crafted to meet the standards of professional gamers, the Predator Gaming Mousepad was built to surprise you in all the right ways. Sized for even the most hard-core player, every element of the pad was developed to give the best gaming experience possible.
Predator Gaming Headset

Gaming Headset

Model Name: Predator Gaming Headset
Part Number: NP.HDS1A.001
To be competitive on the international stage, you need to hear EVERYTHING, from the footsteps of your prey to the call of a bird in the distance. So strap on your Predator Headset and let our tournament-grade soundscape take you to the next level of hearing. Let the hunt begin!
Predator Notebook Gaming Utility Backpack

Utility Backpack

Model Name: Predator Notebook Gaming Utility Backpack
Part Number: NP.BAG1A.220
Duty calls. Your pack is ready. Built to take on the environments with plenty of dedicated compartments to stow the heavy, the light, the big and the small, this backpack was made for war. So brandish your gear and suit up. Predator awaits.

Notebook Adapter

Part Number: NP.ADT0A.057
Keep your notebook fuelled with the Predator 180W power adapter. Stay charged, stay ready and start the hunt.
Predator Cestus 500

Predator Cestus 500

Model Name: Predator Cestus 500
Part Number: NP.MCE11.008
Keep the action nonstop with two Omron® switches, an ambidextrous ergonomic design and five customizable profiles. You’ll get tired of the game long before you tire of the mouse.
Predator Galea 500

Predator Galea 500

Model Name: Predator Galea 500
Part Number: NP.HDS1A.003
In the game world – what you hear (and what you don’t) can be life or death. By utilizing our latest TrueHarmony™ 3D Soundscape technology, you hear everything with pinpoint precision.