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International Travelers Warranty
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. There is no ITW service center nearby. What should I do?
A1. Please contact the Acer service center nearest to you for appropriate ITW contact information.

Q2. My local warranty has expired. Can the ITW be used for local service?
A2. ITW service is offered to maximize convenience when customers are traveling abroad. It is not a substitute for or exchangeable with your local warranty. If the local warranty has expired, you will have to pay local repair fees.

Q3. My notebook has Microsoft® Office in English preloaded. May I change to another language version? (For countries with Office preloaded only.)
A3. Owing to Microsoft's licensing policy, ITW does not support language changes. You must purchase software in your preferred language separately.

Q4. My notebook was purchased in a country other than where I reside. Can I use the ITW to get my notebook fixed in my home country?
A4. No, only bona fide travelers who are in possession of a copy of the original sales invoice of the notebook may bring claims under the Acer ITW. The definition of a "bona fide traveler" under the Acer ITW is a person temporarily outside the territorial scope of the local warranty covering the respective notebook, without the intention of establishing a permanent residence. Otherwise, the notebook will only have a local warranty from where it was purchased; you will have to pay for any repairs made outside the country of purchase.



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