International Travelers Warranty
Enhanced General ITW Service Quality Standards

The enhanced International Travelers Warranty (ITW) is extended to products purchased from Acer or its authorized distributors, under the following conditions.



Elegible models : Acer Branded Notebooks / Netbooks and Tablets


Scope: The ITW is a separate program from the local warranty

  • ITW cannot be interchanged with the local warranty.
  • ITW does not apply in the country of purchase.
  • ITW is only applicable where there are ITW service locations.
  • To comply with Microsoft's licensing regulations, the ITW does not cover software-related issues. You are responsible for providing recovery and software backup discs if required.

Qualified Claimant: A "bona fide traveler"

  • Someone who is temporarily outside the territorial scope of the local warranty covering the respective product, without the intention of establishing a permanent residence.
  • Someone who possesses the original product sales invoice.
  Acer's ITW Service Centers reserve the right to require proof to verify the traveler status of a claimant.

Standard Service Mode: "Carry-In"

  • You will shoulder shipping or transportation costs to bring the product to the service location.
  • Acer will shoulder shipping or transportation costs to return the product to you.

Term: One year from the date of purchase

  • You may be required to present a formal sales receipt showing the purchase date.

ITW Limitations
ITW Service Locations