Acer Remote Learning Solutions

The recent global event has changed everyone’s daily habits. Social distancing means spending more time online as a safer alternative to in-person work or education. To help educators reach dozens of students from home and to ensure that students keep up with remote learning, Acer offers a remote teaching and learning solution to help enable the learning environments outside of schools.


Take your Education Further with Microsoft 365 Education and TravelMate B3

Turning your old classroom into something new takes the right resources. With employers requiring the workforce to be at least proficient with basic office productivity programs and school itself relying more and more on computers to broaden the students’ horizons and making life easier for teachers and administrators, a truly modern and competitive school needs the appropriate combination of hardware and software. Learn why Microsoft 365 Education and the latest Acer TravelMate B3 are a match made in heaven for students who want to keep up with the times.


Esports Solutions

Esports is becoming the fastest-growing activity in K-12 education as a way of supporting science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics curriculum. In addition to team competition and game design, participants can also engage in various career pathways, such as marketing, graphic design, broadcasting, and entrepreneurship. Acer is bringing its revolutionary and market leading Predator gaming solutions to Education to help schools build their epsorts programs.


Chromebook Creative Apps

Acer offers schools and education customers a set of Chromebook Creativity Apps for Education that can be easily deployed and managed through Google Admin Console. For 40 million Chromebook users worldwide, Acer is making purchasing and managing app licenses easier than ever and helping schools boost student learning. Contact your Acer Representative on how to purchase or email Acer at -


Service Elearning Repair Program

Acer Service Student eLearning Repair Program supports education accounts by enabling students to learn to repair Chromebooks. Students can develop a transferrable skill while schools can develop a knowledgeable resource to assist with repairs. It's packed with interactive eLearning material, a designed learning path for the students to follow, and a final assessment to be observed by local staffs. Learn how Acer works with schools across the country to enable the Service Student eLearning Repair Program. Contact us for more information

Download the Student Certification Case Study