Acer Chromebook Enterprise 314

Enabling Productivity


Acer Chromebook Enterprise 314 具備 14 吋防昡光螢幕、快速的 Intel® 處理器和環保型 OceanGlass™ 觸控板。這款 Chromebook 的設計能讓遠端與混合模式工作者完成更多工作。

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Get More Done

Low power usage and high performance are provided by the latest Intel® processor1. This lets your projects at work run smoother so tasks can be finished quicker.

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    Complete Connectivity

    Stay synced and connected with Bluetooth 5.1, a USB 3.0 Gen 1 Type-A port, and dual USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C ports with reversible connectors, making them easy to attach.

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    Blazing Fast Connection

    Browse and work faster than ever before with advanced Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technology – allowing you to enjoy up to 3 times faster speeds than standard Wi-Fi 5.

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    All-day Battery Life2

    10 hours of battery life goes a long way. With just a single charge, get in a full day’s work with time to spare without having to take a bulky power adapter with you.

Designed To Be Seen

The large 14” narrow bezel display3 with an anti-glare coating lets users stay productive even in bright conditions. With optional touchscreen display, navigation is made easier and more convenient than ever before.



720p HDR 網路攝影機採用了時域降噪技術,能明顯改善視訊品質。混合模式工作者在遠端會議時也將會享受到兩個內建麥克風所帶來的收音效果提升。

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Chrome OS 讓您保持生產力

Chrome OS 可讓您輕鬆保持生產力。快速開機代表您可以更快開始工作,簡化的介面則讓您更輕鬆上手,而內建的惡意軟體防護功能可抵禦病毒肆虐。

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    Chrome Enterprise 升級版

    簡化您的企業經營方式。部署、更新與管理您各種規模的所有裝置,藉此節省成本、簡化操作、減少安全性風險,並大幅降低所需的 IT 資源。

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    Zero-touch Enrollment

    Zero-touch enrollment allows IT departments to drop-ship Chrome OS devices that automatically enroll into enterprise administration when connected to the internet.

Superior Sound

Equipped with DTS® Audio, this Chromebook allows you to enjoy higher-quality audio, distortion-free sounds, and deeper bass from the two upward-facing speakers.



這款 Chromebook 使用完全由海洋塑膠廢料製成的 OceanGlass™ 觸控板。當手指滑過觸控板時,這種環保型材料會帶給您玻璃般的細緻觸感。


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1 規格可能因機型及/或地區而有所不同。
2 電池續航力會因機型與組態而異。根據 Google power_LoadTest 進行測試。(。實際電池續航力會根據機型、組態 (包括儲存容量、RAM 容量、使用中的處理器、顯示器類型與解析度等)、應用程式、電源管理設定、操作條件與使用的功能而異。