Free movement is free life. Away from limits, away from do’s and don’ts. Away from the confines of urban transport.Take your time and enjoy the ride. Anywhere you want. Anytime you need.

Wide foot

The extra-large foot-stand with integrated rubber mat gives you greater balance, more control and keeps your kicks away from the street.


Tires & Breaks

10.5” wheels* with wide rubber tires for ultimate grip, and electronic front brake and rear disc brakes for when it’s time to stop. Fast.
* Series 5


Easy Foldable

Quick to fold and weighing just 17Kg** it’s as easy to store as it is to use.
**Series 3



Up to 15Ah battery* gives you up to 65km of absolute freedom and pure enjoyment. Fully charged and ready to go in 8 hours.
 *Series 5


LCD display

The integrated LCD display** with current speed and battery indication puts all the information you need right where you need it without distractions.
**Series 3


Max Speed

The powerful 36V | 250W or 470W motor gets you to 25 km/h in the blink of an eye. Press accelerate and you’re on your way.


Water Resistance

We can’t change the weather but we can prepare for it. IPX5 water resistance protects against splashing water from above and below.


Keep everything under control with our app*. Check battery status, remaining power and lock and unlock your eScooter with a simple tap.
* Series 5

Motor Size

Super compact and lightweight, the 36V | 250W* or 470W* motor effortlessly powers the Acer E Scooter to 25km/h with a maximum payload of 100kg.

*Series 5 | **Series 3

Max km range

No city is too big for the Acer eScooter. Light, compact and extremely efficient, it can take you up to 65km between charges.

Speed modes

With three different speed modes to choose from, you can go from maximum range to maximum power with a simple tap.

Battery Size

With up to a 15Ah lithium-ionic battery, you’ve got more than enough power to get you wherever you need to go.

Charging Time

The Acer eScooter can be fully charged and ready to go in just 8 hours using a simple 42V/2.0A charging unit.

Wheel diameter

For extra stability, we’ve given the Series 3 eScooter 8.5” wheels and the Series 5 10” for maximum stability and control on any surface.