Video Editors, Influencers, & Podcasters

A New World of Color

Ensure your content is picture-perfect with ConceptD Pantone Validated displays with up to 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and Delta E<2 color accuracy, enabling you to ensure the accuracy of your colors at every stage of your workflows.

All the Power You Need

Nobody likes choppy playback or waiting for a video to finish rendering. With the latest NVIDIA® graphics and Intel® processors, ConceptD devices deliver consistently high performance when editing and rendering video files up to 4K.

Room to Create

Don’t be limited by the storage space or speeds of standard workstations. ConceptD devices come equipped with blazing-fast, high-capacity SSDs and enough memory to make streaming or editing a breeze.

Optimized Thermal Performance

ConceptD machines combine high-efficiency fans and a unique ‘Vortex Flow’ interior design that quickly expels hot air and brings in cooler air to keep your device components running cool, consistent, and for longer periods of time.

Meet the ConceptD