Design for Immersive Animations

with Gobelins School of Images, France

Animation, Art, Graphics

Gobelins School of Images is a world-renowned school known for cultivating skills related to creative imaging. Gobelins’ international fame is made possible thanks to all the awards and prizes their students receive from producing their animated movies. With these movies, however, they need computers powerful enough that are able to handle resource-intensive tasks as well as working with extremely with large files. ​
In partnering with ConceptD, Gobelin students and teachers were equipped with ConceptD machines. These devices will go on to become their companion throughout the 3 years of their undergraduate program, particularly those specializing in video game graphics design. ​Thanks to extremely powerful hardware such as the latest Intel® Core™ processors and GPUs, students are able to enjoy fluid performance even when using the most intensive 3D modeling applications.
Indeed, even when working with images, students are able to utilize the Pantone® Validated screens as well as other color calibration options that ensure the most faithful color renderings possible.
What’s more, students are able to appreciate the extreme mobility that comes with these ConceptD workstations; utilizing the same powerful performance at home that they get while in class, with every file they work with always readily available.
With this partnership with ConceptD, Gobelins takes pride in being able to provide their students and teachers with the most powerful and reliable workstations available.

Products Used

ConceptD 7

Create with improved speed and efficiency with the slim, ultra-modern ConceptD 7 laptop. Designing and editing in 2D or 3D is smoother and its 4K UHD display brings professional precision with its 100% Adobe® RGB color gamut.

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ConceptD 500

The attractive and stylish ConceptD 500 has the latest Intel® Core™ i9 CPU and an NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ 4000 to deliver reliable computing for complex creative projects.

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ConceptD CP7

A PANTONE® Validated display providing professional color accuracy with a 99% Adobe® RGB color gamut, Delta E <1, and 93% DCI-P3. Enjoy pristine HDR quality guaranteed by the VESA Certified DisplayHDR™ 1000 and blur-free images with a rapid refresh rate you can overclock up to 144Hz.

Software Used