Dancing Blocks

by Gerald Russelman

Filmmaking, Video Editing

Gerald Russelman is a master in Architecture and Building Technology who has developed his design skills working alongside some of the world’s top architecture firms. Based predominantly in China, his studio, Studio Russelman, have been commissioned on a diverse range of projects, from the eye-catching Tianfu District high-rise in Chengdu to the Dakou National Park in Hubei Province.

True to form, the video shows the world Gerald Russelman builds to be one of brick and mortar, steel and glass, wood and ceramics – using ConceptD devices to create a tactile structure which shapes its tangible environment. The finished product is a modular housing block, designed to make all the constituent technical parts of a home fit into an easily assembled container module. The project is intended to be a carbon neutral and fully circular building, anticipating how living spaces may function by the year 2050.


Study the blueprints of Gerald Russelman’s project from the ground up, and watch as it develops from rough sketches, is refined in 2D on SketchUp 2020, and finally rendered as an immersive 3D prototype.

Made On

ConceptD 7 Ezel Pro

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ConceptD 7

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Get into the structure of an architect’s working habits with Gerald Russelman, and examine his process during the creation of ‘Dancing Blocks’. As a roaming freelancer whose laptop equates to a personal studio, see how Gerald’s non-linear working process, switching as he does between drawings and digital mock-ups, is supported by the ConceptD 7 Ezel’s tablet mode, which allows him to sketch freely.

Software Used