Acer ENDURO T5 (ET510-51W)


This durable 10.1” thin and light rugged tablet is designed for 24/7/365 mobile working. During the hard knocks and spills of industrial environments its rugged certifications and industry standard security ensure this is a tablet you can trust.

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Military Grade Ruggedness

This rugged tablet has been constructed using shock-absorbent materials and engineered to withstand drops, falls and water. To verify these claims it has been independently certified to meet MIL-STD 810G and IP65 standards.*

Military Grade Reliability
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    MIL-STD 810G

    MIL-STD 810G is a set of military grade tests to check the durability of products. It tests temperatures up to 60°C, and down to -21°C, drop testing up to 122cm, and Vibration testing at 7.7 gs per axis.

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    Ingress Protection (IP) is a set of codes that determine how much solid objects (First digit) and liquid (second digit) can enter the device. 6 means total protection from dust; 5 means protection against low pressure jets of water from all directions with limited ingress permitted.

Powerful Processing

Equipped with rapid responsiveness, the 7th Generation Intel® Core™ m3 processor has the power and speed to keep up with your demands. Open files and programs quickly, plus seamlessly switch between applications and web pages without delay.

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    Docking Station

    Place your tablet in the docking station and use the station’s LAN, COM, and two USB ports to connect your peripherals and use the spare socket to store and charge an additional battery.

  • KSP3-2-Hand Grip

    Hand Grip

    Securely carry the tablet in one hand without the fear of it slipping from your fingers as you hold the padded leather strap.

  • KSP3-3-Shoulder Strap

    Shoulder Strap

    For when you need your hands free, the shoulder strap is long enough to hang comfortably from one shoulder to the other side’s hip.

  • KSP3-4-Vehicle Dock

    Vehicle Dock

    Lock the tablet into the cradle and use the VESA mounting options to secure it to a variety of surfaces and adjusting the angle to one of 360 degrees using the ball and socket joint.

  • KSP3-5-Hand Strap

    Hand Strap

    Comfortably and securely hold and operate your tablet in one hand. The snug fit gives you the confidence that your hand won’t slip out. It also includes a “pen loop” to securely hold a stylus or pen.

  • KSP3-6-Car Charger

    Car Charger

    Charge your tablet on the go as you plug it into the 12V (cigarette lighter) socket of a vehicle.

Strong on Security and Management

Strong security is serious business and this model comes with the best. The hardware-level Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 and Acer Enduro Manageability Suite (AEMS) protect the device and speed up deployment of services and system configuration across many devices.



Acer Enduro Manageability Suite (AEMS) protects the device and speeds up deployment of services and system configuration across many devices.

Acer ENDURO T1 (ET110-31W) AGW Source

Field Ready

The integrated GPS chipset helps users find their location wherever they are. A strong, consistent wireless signal is provided by the strategically placed Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) wireless antenna.


Replaceable Battery

No matter the environment laptops need to work 24/7/365. Not only will this laptop work for up to 10 hours2, its battery can be replaced so users can keep working in the field.


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