Predator Gaming Desk

Practical function and exceptional form combine perfectly via the Predator Gaming Desk. Extraordinary cable management, holders (cup and headphone), and a surface-covering mouse pad are all yours for the taking.

• Full-surface Mouse Pad at 140x60x0.2 cm
• Carbon-fiber Surface, T-Shaped Steel Structure
• Includes Rack, Headphone Hook, Cup Holder
• Two Cable Management Cutouts


The large, 55-inch gaming desk sets the stage – whether placing desktop or laptop. Choose between the easy-to-clean, stylish carbon fiber or go with the surface-covering custom-designed Predator Mouse Pad.


A place for everything. A rack for gamepads, and/or cartridges, a headphone hook, cup holder, two pass-through cable management cutouts, and a storage tray tucked in the back for all those pesky AC adapters.


The carbon-fiber surface is held up by the sturdy, steel T-shaped structure that can hold up to 120 kg. So feel free to offload your displays, desktop, figures, and more and put this table to good use.


It won’t take a group of friends to put this desk together. In about 10-20 minutes (this may vary) you should be good to go.

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